Work 16 straight and get a day..

In the city you have to work 16 consecutive days to receive a sick day for the month, well in the ASFME contract with the city you do. The maximum amount of sick days you can bank is 150 you can sell half of these for money, or in some of the union contracts you can not get them until you retire.. They get one sick day a month so let’s say you have worked for the city for 10 years and every month of those 10 years you earned a sick day that would be 12 days a year by 10 years that would 120 you can sell half of those. Now that is not for everyone some are able to sell them at any time they do not have to wait to retire. If the person who worked for 10 years can sell back half of the 120 that would be 60 hours okay and let’s say they get 15.00 and hour they would be able to sell those back to the city and get 7,200.00 this is the way I am understanding it.

There are some in the city who are not watched close they take days sick or personal and it may not be looked at or kept track of. So they turn around find a way to cash in on the sick day buy back in the union contract.. To my understanding department heads are afforded the same benefits under the ASFCEME contract but they are not part of that union. This is a benefit given to them but department heads time is not kept track of like the union workers. They can take personal days and from what I have been told they do not have  limit to the number of days they take. No one is keeping tack of this. How easy it would be for someone in a position of substantial power to take advantage of this loop hole. Wonder how many times this has happened if ever that someone is getting a check for selling back their sick days even when they may not qualify for it.. Remember they have to work 16 straight days in a month to get the one extra sick day.



6 thoughts on “Work 16 straight and get a day..”

  1. No I would never imply that employees should not get benefits. My position is the benefit of being able to accrue 150 sick days and the ability to sell them back at a current wage rate is a recipe for disaster for any company. I believe the union benefits are not sustainable. In the world I worked in Management positions came with higher salaries than union employees. The benefit of having paid for health care, life insurance . disability insurance , retirement plan ,paid reasonable sick and vacation time surely is enough to sustain an employee.
    The average sick day allotment in most businesses is 12 days.(one per month) Average vacation after 3 years of employment is four weeks. From the top down these benefits are the same.
    The Cities wages and benefits are higher than the comps in the private sector. How much more do you think can be dragged out of the taxpayer? The median income in Dearborn Heights is roughly $ 40,000.


  2. Nancy,

    Are you implying that employees that are not in a union should not get any benefits? Maybe they shouldn’t get the “same benefits as union members” but if they’re elected, appointed or hold a higher management position than union positions, shouldn’t they get more? Having the same benefits sounds more than fair to me.

    As for the original post…… I’m aware of what you are talking about and I wish you would come out with the details! People need to be exposed!


  3. This is a case of bad management practices. City workers do not need to get the same benefits as union members.This becomes a conflict of interest . The mayor bargains for himself during union negotiations. When this is the practice their is no incentive to bargain for the city taxpayers.
    City workers I assume do not have contracts therefore a new Vacation and sick pay policy could be put into effect immediately.
    I am of the opinion that the Mayor has given away the store to the unions already. I hope he can find the means to pay for it. I will not vote to increase my taxes to pay for his folly.
    The administration and the council do not act professionally. Time for a change. The sewers in the city do not work properly, the roads are completely falling in pieces . These are the things that should be a priorty not how much money they can scam from the public.
    What is going on in this city is really sad.


  4. someone needs to change this quick. im sure there has been some employees that have taken advantage of this glitch. but who?
    if most of them are doing it, then it’s hard to point someone in charge. the city is not being run like a business, and that is why stuff like this keeps happening.
    cause of really dishonest people.
    unprofessional. really unprofessional.


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