One Million Short..

Will the budget  be 1.1 million short? Take the out standing $300,000.00 not paid from the state for the NSP grant, and the other $800,000.00 that has been committed and that puts us 1.1 million in a deficit. I do not see how the administration is not going to show that one it is a negative on the budget and it has to be carried over to this new budget. That is just one other thing to pile on as if there is not enough to  worry about.  I’m just wondering how the city will be able to take out of an every shrinking budget another $800,000.00 and wait to get it back for another year and a half.

While we are on the subject of NSP many of you will be very happy to hear that the NSP grant program is finally going back to the Community and Economic Development Department on May 1. It should have never left there in the first place, but that is neither here nor there it is going back to people who know how to run this type of grant. I hope that there will be less spent on administering the grant by a third-party the city is already over budget. There is 10% allowed for administration of the grant so what ever is spent now on administering the grant will come out of the city budget.  This time I hope that the city’s building department will be doing all of the inspections considering our building director made it very clear that he did not do the rough inspections on the last group of homes and was worried about how he was going to be able to pass the homes for final inspection.

So the NSP Grant has come full circle what started out as a very simple grant program to run, was taken from the department that have the know how to run this program. Put in the Mayors office to be run by a high school graduate like some kind of little game to play. Two years later something that should not have cost the city any money will now cost money out of the budget for the administration portion of the grant. Waiting unreasonable amounts of time to get money back from the state because things were not done on time or submitted with the right paper work..  There is still $300,000.00 outstanding to come in from the state and who knows how long that will be before the city gets those funds back. At any rate let us hope that the CEDD can run this grant better than it has been for the past 2 years.


4 thoughts on “One Million Short..”

  1. you say the director of cdbg has no experience, but the person in charge”the mayor’s top assistant”, does???????? Please! the nsp program originated from the cdbg department.
    it was the mayor who decided to separate the nsp program and delegate the job to krissy. (who has a high school education. )
    so, i think the program is better off in it’s home at the cdbg.
    so, the mayor may have given krissy the program to run,
    to put a feather in her cap, so to speak.
    i don’t think anyone could do any worse of a job than she did.
    so we are removing the feather out of her cap!


  2. Anonymous

    I am not looking at the director to handle it I am looking at the people that work in that department to be handling it.. They are the ones who know how to do it and they are the same people that put the grant application together in the first place..


  3. You may be right about the CDBG handling the NSP, but how do you know the director of that department knows how to handle the NSP. It is a very involved program and takes a lot of knowledge to handle it. The director of that department has NO experience with that type of grant.


  4. finally! it has taken way to long for this change.
    hope we can get rid of the 3rd party in this. what a
    waste of money.


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