Make it a private Matter..

Yesterday several people went to the trial of Mrs. Golani they heard her testify I know what was said and am going to keep it off of here until the judge rules. What I will say is Mrs. Golani can resign and make this a private matter she can leave the school board and this will not be any of our business when she does so. As long as she stays on the school board it is every taxpayers business in the Crestwood School District. I will not say what she said until the trial is over and the Judge has ruled.  I am sorry for not reviling what was said, but I would like to give her the chance to do the right thing here..


15 thoughts on “Make it a private Matter..”

  1. Accountability: –noun
    1.the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable.
    2.Education . a policy of holding schools and teachers
    accountable for students’ academic progress by linking
    such progress with funding for salaries, maintenance, etc.

    School Board Members often hold responsible teachers, janitors, various other staff members and students. Can you tell me how a school board member is therefore not held accountable for her actions? Doesn’t quite add up.

    I have known about Golani’s actions for a number of weeks now and have a copy of the court documents myself. Her actions towards her employer were reprehensible, and her position as a leader of this district is inexcusable. All board members sign a code of ethics upon taking office and I would assume that admitting to theft breaches that code.

    Her continuing as a Trustee of the school board is unacceptable as it embarrasses the students, the school district, and the City.The national attention and lack of board responsiveness provokes a negative portrayal of not only Dearborn Heights, but also adds to the negative impressions of the state overall in a time where this state needs the confidence of the nation and any possible investors that might consider bringing their families and their operations to Southeast Michigan.

    I am embarrassed. And I agree with the above writer, this IS most certainly a public issue as the embarrassment is on the taxpayer’s dollar.


  2. I would love for you to state what was said on the stand since your husband and Mr. Haddous with another man went to her trial. Lets see how many words can be twisted this time. You act like you know this case like the back of your hand. Well sorry you don’t, actually you don’t know half of it. If you did you would take back your empty threats of posting what she so called testified and said. You make it out to seem like she was begging for mercy on the stand which I can assure you she wasn’t. She has never admitted to stealing the money, so please stop with your pathetic assumptions. Further embarrassment really? She is a much stronger women then you all think. She has stated numerous times for a couple of years that once her son graduates that she was going to resign from the board.


  3. Magnus,

    I should have been more specific with my post. People claim they pay taxes to the school via their tax bill, which they do not. EXCEPT people like you that own a business. So, my apologies. I was just trying to make people understand that NONE of their property tax money goes to the school (with the few exceptions). EVERYBODY has the right to comment. Not just taxpayers!!! That is what makes this country great. Again, I’m sorry if I came off abrupt.


  4. Sean thinks that although I have lived here for 11 years and have three kids in the district, that I have never paid a dime of money that went to support the School District.

    Do I pay property tax?… Yes
    Do I pay county tax?…yes
    Do I pay State tax?….yes
    Do I pay Federal Tax?…yes
    Do any of my tax dollars go to support public schools?….according to Sean …NO NOT ONE DIME OF MY TAXES GO TO SUPPORT ANY PUBLIC SCHOOLS ANYWHERE EVER!!!

    Well I do buy lottery tickets and I know some of that money goes to the schools right???

    OH and I do own a business in Dearborn Heights but of Course Sean didn’t know that before he commented on my tax situation.

    My point is…If you are a property taxpayer at all…you have the right to comment on any public/elected official in your city. And as far as a recall… I agree with Sean but we have to start with someone and since she has admitted her guilt, she needs to go first. We cant let an admitted embezzler serve on our school board…period.


  5. Let’s be clear,

    As I’ve indicated in my previous posts, homeowners that own and occupy their house, DO NOT pay a school operating tax, which would fund the local school district. On the county tax bill (the winter bill), you are charged a STATE SCHOOL tax, which DOES NOT go to your local school district. There is NOT a “regular school tax” as you are indicating – unless there is a special millage in that school district. Since we are talking about Crestwood, there is NOT a special millage. So, again, taxpayers DO NOT pay for the schools via property taxes. The assessors office has plenty of information regarding this subject. Please visit them or call them so you can be well informed.


  6. The only school taxes that are paid are for additional taxes for certain school districts. Crestwood is NOT one of them.

    You say that people that own and occupy their homes pay regular school tax. That is absolutely false! They pay ZERO school operating taxes. Perhaps you are confusing school operating taxes with state school taxes, which DO NOT go to the local school districts whatsoever! So, again, you do not pay ANY taxes to the schools. Please call the city and educate yourself before you post misinformation here!


  7. I have no agenda she proved herself guilty when she did her deposition and admitted her quilt in that deposition. If I had an agenda I would have wrote about this over 7 months ago when I first read her deposition I did not write about it then as I said because I thought she would have the good grace to resign before this became public. Well now it is public and she has not resigned and she has testified in open court. Open court open to the public, as is the deposition open to the public.. there is no gag order on the public and the court records are not sealed. These are two separate things a gag order is for the lawyers in the case and the plaintiffs and defendants in the case..
    She sits on the School Board in my district it has everything to do with me I do not want an admitted embezzler on the board..What is wrong with you people what do you want to see her court testimony they tapped it and the public anyone can go and get it when her testimony is done with. This trial is to determine how much she has to pay back from the money not to find out if she did or did not do it.. If you are all wondering why she has not had criminal charges brought against her you should be asking her that question ask her why they did not charge her criminally. If you are wondering who I would go after next the answer is anyone who would commit a criminal act. I do not know who Mr. Oram is I have no interest in knowing him, and I do not need to get any information from him when it is available for 0.8 a page from the court if I want to go get it.. If all of you are so concerned for her why not go Monday morning to Oakland county court to Judge Anderson room 3B and show your support for her. The trial will continue on Monday as far as I am aware at 8:30 AM that is the least you could do find out the truth from her own mouth as she testifies or maybe you just do not want to know the truth.. Oh and by the way who are my people you are referring to, I speak for myself.


  8. I guess in trying to be clear, I wasn’t. In the first paragraph, I I forgot to write “they” as the subject of the last sentence of that paragraph.



  9. Just a point of clarification. There are two types of school taxes. The school operating tax is only paid by businesses and people who own homes, but do not live in them (such as homes they rent to others). They also pay the regular school tax. pay the school operating tax as well as the regular tax.

    People who own and occupy their homes pay regular school tax, but not the school operating tax. These people have what is called a primary residence exemption, often referred to as a homestead exemption, but rest assured they do pay school taxes. Therefore, taxpayers do pay for the schools. Schools also receive money from the state (which, obviously, also comes from taxpayers.)

    Look at your tax bill. On the right side where the taxes are itemized, you will see a school tax portion. In addition to that you will see an item listed as school operating tax, if you are required to pay it. In the lower left side of your tax bill you will see if you have a 100% or 0% homestead. It will also state the amount of money you have saved by having the 100% exemption. Those who show 0% will pay the school operating tax as well as the regular tax.




  11. Wow, I thought a person is innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around, but apparently not by you and your people. It is quite obvious you have an agenda against Mrs. Golani and are obviously very good friends with Mr. Latuf Oram to be able to access information that is under a gag order and is an on going Civil case. Once Mrs. Golani is off the school board, I wonder who your next target will be? Let the courts do their job and don’t be judge and jury on a case that has nothing to do with you and which is still on going.


  12. Mr. Magnus, you do not pay one dime of her salary. Homeowners do not pay a school operating tax unless there is a debt or special school millage. Crestwood does not have either. And a recall? There are people that hold much higher positions that should be recalled first!!


  13. A recall is in order if she does not resign and I will post on this blog every word she said on the stand in court I am just giving her a chance to leave with out any further embarrassment to herself. If she wants to stay then there is nothing I can do, but to put up what she said not only in her deposition, but her testimony in court. It is up to her to do the right by the residents.


  14. You are taking the high road here and I would hope Golani would too by resigning. Her reputation and credibility are now shot, and as tax payers who pay her salary, we have every right to know what is going on.

    I have always believed that people deserve privacy and some things are just no ones business, but when you are an elected or a public official, your business is now subject to the public. Mrs Golani has absolutely no right to hide this from the taxpayers because whether she or Ancinec wants to admit it or not, it does affect her school board position. When you run for public office, all your dirty laundry gets made public and if she doesn’t like it then she needs to step down.

    As long as she stays on the school board she can expect all of us to watch this trial very closely. If she refuses to resign then we will start a recall based on her lack of ethics and morals. People who steal $750,000 cannot be trusted to be making decisions concerning our school district nor do we want them representing our city.


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