We are sitting on this to long..

Councilman Berry at the March 22, 2011 CCM broke had something to say and say it he did. He brought up the flooding issue in the city he pointed out that the public is not getting information in a timely manner that the city is not forth coming and people want answers and they deserve them. He said that the city has not acted fast enough he went on to say “We are sitting on this to long.” He would like to have a special meeting for the public to give them answers to their concerns and questions. He would like to be able to show them the water flow and schematics. Of course the lawsuits were brought up and just how much they would not be able to show the public anything.  Come on people are fixing their basements after the last flood event here in the city and they deserve answers to whether the problem was fixed or not. Councilman Berry said that he was holding his breath when it rains and is not able to sleep because he is worried. As I am writing this post it has been raining since around 5:00pm on March 22 and is supposed to keep raining well into the 23rd. The Mayor said that he saw the schematics and your point is what? Councilman Berry was quick to point out that just because the Mayor had seen it does not satisfy the people in the city. I would like to know what if anything the Mayor seeing it has to do with giving the residents some answers Oh let me guess we should take your word for it. While corporation counsel is sitting there saying can not show the people, and not talk about it, can not, can not.. What councilman Berry said at the end rang so true is the city dragging its feet because of the lawsuits if so we are wrong. Thank you councilman Berry for finally saying what most in the city have been saying for 8 long months it’s all about keeping things from the public with this administration. Even from those who did not make a claim against the city.

If you support Councilman Berry in his effort to have a special meeting or town hall meeting to address the flooding issue in the city please tell council chair (Kenneth R. Baron) you can find his contact information at the top of the blog..you can call or email him and ask him to have a special meeting.. If we want answers we have to demand it and councilman Berry along with I am sure the rest of the council want to make sure we get them.. That can only happen if we participate so let’s make it happen.

Do not forget to take a look at the New Page on Facebook For Dearborn Heights this is not created by the city I made it to put up announcements, and another place to discuss things here in the city. A way for all of us to keep up on things. Like the page if you are on Facebook if you are not on Facebook you can not like the page or post to the wall.


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