Who Should Be Doing The Job…

When it comes to numbers who would you pick to do the job of contract negotiations, and dealing with budget issues a high school graduate or a CPA? Just asking who do you think would be more qualified to deal with things like that.. Who do you trust your money with the HSG or the CPA, me I would like to have my money being looked after by the CPA, but that’s just me others may feel differently about it..

Let me know what you think.


1 thought on “Who Should Be Doing The Job…”

  1. I am not quite sure what you are referring to in this question. I have been doing alot of research into the city and its management. Alot of data is really hard to come by. Let’s start with Dearborn Heights is a city of approximatey 11 square miles. The population is 50,800. The cities budget is roughly 37 Million. Doing the math, the city spends 74,000 dollars per man, woman and child.
    Looking at the budget most of the positions are as with most government enities overpaid when compared to the private sector.
    It would appear to me some people are not qualified for the positions they hold. I guess it is more important to the city to who you know than what you know.
    Certain things keep cropping up that are not legally acceptable to govenment or non profit enities. I watch council meeting and get the feeling we have a mafia style of government. Living on the edge of legality.
    Not being able to get paperwork it is difficult to know if suspicions are correct or not.
    Example we passed a water sewage milage to pay for a cost over a limited number of years. It did n’t cost as much as expected. Money was left over which I believe the council used for their recycling program. I don’t think legally they had the authority to do so. The right thing to do was to return to the taxpayer or to put it to a vote.
    Another example the cost for cutting grass. I am not sure how this works The city charges upward of 300 dollars . Fifty dollars is the max any service would charge. When questioned at a council meeting the Mayors response was the high fee was because whoever was given this contract had to buy equipment to do this work. It is against the law to use public money to set an individual up in business. Question who is this individual and what is the relationship to any one affliliated with the city government.???? This appears to be another scam like the traffic ticket mess .
    Where is Plante and Moran in all this do they not audit the dealings and internal controls of the city???
    The amount of money spent on unqualified people is almost equal to a qualified person.
    Hire a full time city attorney one that has passed the bar. The attorney should deal with labor contracts . $80,000 plus benefits would get a good one. I am sure we spend more than that on attorney fees and mistakes.
    Hire a financial manager with a degree and experience in fund accounting CPA not needed.
    Good legal and finance people are important to the city .
    Get rid of the MOM and POP STORE


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