Huge Embezzlement Case Involving Dearborn Heights School Board Trustee

She Allegedly Stole $750,000

Updated: Friday, 18 Mar 2011, 11:42 PM EDT
Published : Friday, 18 Mar 2011, 11:42 PM EDT

Jeany Golani, a school board trustee in Dearborn Heights, is being sued for allegedly embezzling $750,000 from a company in Southfield.  We broke the news to her colleagues on the board, and they had no idea.  Fox 2’s Simon Shaykhet asked if the district’s finances may be compromised. Watch the video


A school board that does not have the power to vote one of it’s members off of it… If you commit murder and win a spot on the school board and no one was the wiser to what you had done. Later it comes out they would like to tell me that they as a board could not vote to have that person removed.. The school board holds the children responsible for any wrong doing that they do, they should not have a different standard when it comes to themselves. You claim you did not know, well now you do take care of it an admitted embezzler on the school board that is what you want for this school district?  Shameful! I feel sorry for her children I can only imagine the burden they have carried around with them for the past couple of years waiting for this to come out. You can be reassured this would have never made it into the news if she would have resigned from the school board back in 2009 when she apparently gave this testimony.. Her staying on the board made this a news story.


24 thoughts on “Huge Embezzlement Case Involving Dearborn Heights School Board Trustee”

  1. Sorry anonymous had to take out that last part do not want to get into any kind of trouble, but just for the record I think anything is possible if you heard as we did what that money was spent on made me sick.. I am happy she left. If you are on right now do me a favor and go to this and try it out I am on there now just trying to see what chat room works the best for any of us who would like to chat..



  2. for

    My only brother lives in Minnesota what the hell are you talking about.. I have no sisters so please get your facts straight. You are entitled to your opinion, but please get your facts right..


  3. This site is biased. The brother of this so called truth site is best friends with the person accusing Geloni! Scum follows scum I quess….


  4. If Joey Golani’s Mother and Father are both named in the lawsuit as reported, then they should be ashamed that they embarrassed their son and dragged his name through the mud with them.
    I agree that he should not be judged by his parents actions, but it does taint his accomplishments.

    Enough already Mrs. Golani and do the right thing … resign!


  5. Golani was already going to step down at the end of this year when her last child graduates. This was nothing new. Most of those who knew her already knew this. She’s been saying that for 3 years that after her last child graduates she is done. Leave her alone and let her son who made our school proud have a great end to his high school career. He has suffered enough already.


  6. I did not see the Eva 1972 post, but I was trying to say the same thing to George Mahid. The discussion about guilt should have nothing to do with race or ethnicity. I am talking about criminals or people with questionable character in positions of power. I would never accuse any one of guilt because of their race or ethnicity, but I would also never defend any one just because they are the same race or ethnicity as me either. This type of prejudice or favoritism is what destroyed Detroit and we must not let it destroy Dearborn Heights.
    Racism is ignorant and should be condemned, but defending someone just because they are a friend or of your own race or ethnicity, is just as stupid and dangerous.
    Here is the truth…bad people and criminals come in all colors, races and ethnicity. Our job as residents of this city is to make sure that they don’t get into positions of power, and if they do and they betray our trust or commit a crime, then they need to be replaced.


  7. Hey George…I did speak out against Ed Garcia being on the school board when he went through his suspension and I wishe he would have stepped down UNTIL the whole matter was resolved. Most everyone else defended him and he did eventually get his job back.

    I know you want to make this out to be a us against them thing, but you are way off base. Golani admitted in her deposition that she took the money!!!! Watch the Fox2 report posted on the blog!!!
    No one is after Golani because she is or isn’t Arab,…and no one should defend anyone that is Arab just because they are Arab. She admitted that she embezzled $750,000 from her employer!!!!!…watch the Fox2 video!!!
    The School Board and the City Council are very important position in our city and if you want to be in one of those positions you do need to hold yourself to a higher standard.
    This is about Character…and If Ed Garcia did what he is accused of doing he should be off the board and the same goes for Golani.

    Once again…George…SHE ADMITTED SHE STOLE THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!
    She has even reported to have paid back $50,000 of the $750,000 that she stole. Get that through your head and realize that her character is now suspect…how can we trust her to be on the school board and be honest????
    I for one do not want Criminals on my local School Board or City Council…but that is just my opinion…you may feel that it is OK but I do not.


  8. we don’t need that kind of individual with questionable character on any city council, or school board.
    i don’t care about race, or religion. it’s character.
    that the whole point.
    breaking a federal law says alot about her character.
    all of her volunteer work doesn’t make up for the fact that she broke a federal law, and admitted to it. case closed.


  9. we are the voters, we have the control. we can .
    ask her to step down, if she doesn’t, then you get a petition started to have her removed through the process of a recall.
    that’s what needs to be done.


  10. The School Board CANNOT vote her off; they DID NOT vote her on. They can do a lot of things, but not Vote her off. I’m sure there is a procedure when someone has been convicted of a crime, that’s what they MUST DO. Check the rules before you make a statement. Most people believe she is a terrible role model for our kids and should be punished for her crime. It’s unbelievable that someone could get away with stealing that much money, but the School Board cannot vote her off.


  11. Eva 1972

    Thank you for your apology I know nothing about any email the “they” in the email is Who? They are threatening the cop. These same “They” asked him to run supported him to the bones campaigned for him and came out in big numbers to vote for him.. What this says to me is that someone is playing games and once again would like to put a wedge and divide this city. We all have to fight against that happening.. I do not know of anyone who would ever go after the cop.


  12. She may have done all of these good things that is very true and all of us thank her for those wonderful things she has done and the years of service she has given.. It is a matter of Charter not of race this went on for a long time and she admitted what she did. What I am saying is she her words said these things I read what she said this is about behavior no more no less she said with her own words that she is guilty she took the money. Those court documents that I saw do not lie they were the transcripts of her sworn deposition. I am saying what my eyes read.. This came to light over a year ago and the board did not even investigate this. We all know that nothing is going to happen to her on the board the members of the board will not take action on this issue so really it does not matter one way or another.
    I am very concerned about the finance of this city and have been for a very long time as you may have noticed from all the blog post that I put up here at any rate I will no longer be discussing this issue here on the blog. I will leave it to the rest of the reads here to discus this issue and the courts and the media.


  13. Eva 1972 and Kathy,

    I am glad that you have addressed the race card, because this is not about race. The Golani family are middle eastern as well. Her family being from Iraq and her husband being from Iran clearly shows that there is no prejudicious here. I think we should stop worrying about CIVIL trials of board members and city council members. What we need to do is start worrying about is the education of our children and the finance of our city and schools. Everyone makes mistakes, we are all human, and whether or not the story is true it is not up to us to judge, convict or hang thats up to God himself. Mrs. Golani is a fine Women, Mother, Wife, as well as a very good school board member. Who cares about the kids and education first and she has been volunteering in the Crestwood school District for over 20 years. She is not only the mother of her own four children, but she has played the role and taken under her wings many other children, with absolutely no discrimination. One great example is the wrestling team and how she did her best to treat them all as if they were her own by encouraging them and cheering them on no matter what. She has always been one of the few mothers (sometimes the only one) who attended every wrestling meet, near or far. This not only goes for wrestling but many events, like girls soccer, homecoming, snowcoming, float building, and pep assemblies. Many students, which I have witnessed with my own eyes, have found comfort in her and she has always gave her shoulder to lean on no matter.
    INNOCENT until proven guilty.


  14. I want you to know that although my post seemed that way, I am not a racist. Please let me explain my post. First off I am in no way accusing the entire culture and should not have said that, for that I apologize. I have many many Muslim friends.
    Second, I was told by a reporter that when they went to get the same information you have that there was a gag order, I have no idea if there is or is not, just repeating what I was told.
    Now, I am convinced that something just does not seem right about this whole thing. I know certain things for a fact and they are just not adding up at all. There was a threatening email recieved by a board member that stated they went after the cop and now they are going after the next person. What does that say to you?
    Again, I wish to apologize for my comments in my previous post.


  15. Actually sir, the federal case has all ready been tried, and she admitted in a sworn statement, admitting guilt.
    now it’s the civil trial we are waiting on.


  16. Eva 1972

    Not here, Not Now, Not Ever,
    On this blog will your racist comments be allowed up here you can save your racist comments for your like minded friends. It is shameful beyond words that you and others are resorting to the use of that card to cover up what Golani admitted to doing in her sworn testimony. This was obtained from the courts.. There is no gag order go to Oakland County Court and get it for yourself.. Save your hatred for people that enjoy reading that sort of thing. Your comments will not come on this blog you and others are not going to get away with once again making a certain culture as you put it look like they are the ones who have done something wrong. If you are an example of what type of people are supporting Golani on the school board then what many have been saying for years is very true.. Your attempt to once again deflect the wrong doing of someone by using race and try and divide this great city along cultural lines will not work.. You are not going to get away with these types of games anymore.. The culture you refer to is a proud culture that I am so proud to be a part of.
    There is nothing wrong with a culture trying to gain fair representation when they comprise 35% of the school population. Sorry Eva that population is growing and will be more in years to come. Shame on you for once again trying to drag this city through the mud. Thank God you are the few you are not the majority people in this city have gone far beyond this way of thinking we are in the year 2011 did you notice that? If you want to spew that hatred do it some place else the readers here do not think like you.

    If you want to see the truth see her sworn testimony for yourself if you really want the truth that is.. I have it and can put it up here, but you would not believe it anyway so go get it for yourself..

    To the rest of the readers I am sorry that I will not post the comment from this person truly I am. I posted one comment that referred to culture, but this comment is going way to far please excuse me I try my best to make sure all sides are heard here, but not when there is an out right attack on a whole race.


  17. George

    I put up ever comment on this blog no matter what you have to say.. I saw the documents my self Sir, I have seen her deposition and she has admitted her quilt what was reported on Fox 2 is the same thing that I have seen, so no they did not alleged these were her own words. Many people have known about this for a very long time me being one of them. I have never wrote about it here on the blog I never disgust it with the media I assumed the woman would resign from the board before that would happen.. I have nothing to apologize for if you would like to see the deposition under oath she admits to taking the money. You are more then welcome to come and read it let me know. There is no self made pedestal it is an issue in the city that should concern all of us. Mr. Mahid I will not allow you to turn this into a cultural issue her voting for or against expenditures has nothing to do with her admitting to embezzling money from her employer. That is what you would like to do, deflect from the wrong doing and the issue at hand you should be above these underhanded tactics. I think in this day an age our city should have moved well beyond these things. Mr. Mahid you are standing by your friend and that is your right and I commend you for it, but you should also allow the rest of us our right not to want someone like that on the school board. I do not judge and most certainly do not ridicule I put up the facts and let people in this city discuss them something that is missing in this city, and has been for some time. I am sorry your friend is in trouble, but we did not do this I did not do this.


  18. This is my first time visiting this site, and from my first impression it is biased and futile. Magnus using the phrase arrogance at its best is arrogant. How come Garcia didn’t get a revolt when he was accused of covering up a crime? Just Mrs. Golani who has stood against certain expenditures that specific cultures want done in the Crestwood school district. No culture should trump the collective, not if you want a smooth running community. Everything that was stated on Fox news is alleged and it is very possible that none of it is true. I think leaving the city is a bit over dramatic don’t you think? What happens if she is found not guilty? Will you get on your knees and apologize, or will you just stand on your self made pedestal and act none the wiser? It is people like you who judge and ridicule, and do nothing to help the collective that give Dearborn Heights a bad name. By your statement you, yourself have become the judge and jury for Mrs. Golani finding her guilty when Lawyers and a Judge have not. How about you wait till after the case is seen in court, and then make your statements. I am sure this comment will most likely not be seen, since I can already tell specific people do not want comments like this to be seen.

    George Mahid
    Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
    San Fransisco, CA


  19. This is arrogance at its best. Golani knew this day would come but refused to resign her position of power. The rest of the school board did know about this because if you watched the last few SBM’s you would have seen a man trying to talk about the embezzlement only to be shouted down and silenced by Ancinec. The superintendent of Crestwood also knew about this for at least a year and did nothing.

    This should be a wake up call to all the citizens of Dearborn Heights. You must always question authority and hold people accountable. We do not need criminals, inexperienced (or incompetent) people, liars, or those of questionable character, in positions of power in our city. This is why Detroit is having a hard time rebounding…bad people in positions of power.

    Golani needs to resign immediately and preferably leave this city permanently. Ancinec should follow her out the door or at least issue a public apology for not acting on this sooner. This is a disgrace!!




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