How many cities might be getting a EFM?

“There’s two cities I met with that were not on our radar, that expressed that they have a cash shortage problem that will happen in the next three or four months. So, if I give you a number it’s not necessarily reality, it’s just a number that I can give you is one based on what I know today… and it’s less than ten,” Dillon said. Source:CBS News

The key statement here is there are two cities that were not the the radar, so how many are on there radar? Is the city of Dearborn Heights one of those cities on the radar, and just what would happen here if a EFM came in? The workers are being told they have to give up longevity for the next two years in-order to avoid a EFM coming in a breaking contracts. If you would like to see the  budget for this year click here you can find longevity on page 18 721.000 $484,098.00. We should all look at the budget and understand how money is spent and what comes in.

The Emergency Financial Manager Emergency

If you’ve ever told yourself, “Boy, if I ran this town, I’d sure know how to fix things up here!” you’re in luck, because now you can! With two days of training you – yes, lucky citizen, you! – can run your very own financially distressed Michigan city. If, of course, you can get Governor Snyder to appoint you.

As more and more Michigan towns, cities, and counties approach insolvency – a number not helped by cuts in revenue sharing, incidentally – the House and Senate are close to passing Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) legislation. The result of this will be the vesting of immense power into the hands of a single, hopefully-qualified, individual whose job it will be to set the city back on stable financial footing. The outstanding and unanswered questions, though, are: “What do they cut?”, “How do they decide?”, and “How are they held accountable?”

EFMs could slash recycling programs, cut park funding, privatize sanitation systems and fundamentally alter municipal environmental policy. As we clearly see, elections have consequences; but how do we deal with the consequences of an unelected emergency financial manager?

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