Fund Transfer of 30,000.00

At the last CCM councilwoman Janet Badalow asked if we are going to be seeing more of these.. She was asking about a fund transfer of 30,000.00 to cover legal fees. This money is being transferred from one account to another account because the city has gone over the budget for legal fees. The city has to transfer money to cover the overages.. When Councilwoman Badalow asked the question the answer was oh yes we will for the simple reason this budget goes until the end of May. Every council meeting there are charges for legal fees. Labor lawyers, Lawyers for the Flooding issue, Corporation Counsel and more.. This fund transfer was for 30,000.00 how much will the next one be for? When you have certain individuals in the city that can not do anything with out calling a lawyer and asking them if it is okay, not hard to see why the lawyer bills are so high..


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