Share The Soap Box…

What happens when you leave a group of people in positions of power to do what ever they want.. Well they change rules and put rules in place until they get what they are looking for. A tweak here a tweak there and before you know it you have molded your meetings to something that suites only those who sit on the board/council. You make sure that you leave no room for another person to talk, you as a board/council make it impossible for anyone to question anything that you are doing. In the processes that board/council becomes a bunch of self aggrandizing…  (The act or practice of enhancing or exaggerating one’s own importance, power, or reputation.) board/council members. Then you turn the meetings into a soap box that only those who sit on the board/council can use, a soap box to complain about what ever you want to complain about. If someone else was to get up and try to share that soap box, the box would be pulled away from them and they would be left with nothing to stand on.. That has happened in other city’s, gosh, I sure hope it does not happen in this city..


3 thoughts on “Share The Soap Box…”

  1. ha! ha! i think i know what/ or who, your hinting about. you couldn’t have put it any better.
    love the dry humor, your a trip!


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