Push it on down the road…

We will take your longevity pay from you for only two years and then we will pay it back to you. Oh and just how are we going to do that in two years in one lump sum. Longevity is about 465,000.00 in the budget by two years what do you get $930,000.00 almost a million dollars to be paid out in one lump sum in two years. That will come out of the general fund. Just how is the city going to be able to do that? What makes the administration think that in two years we are going to have a million dollars to give out of the general fund. This is another case of just pushing it down the line. That is not what the city needs now we need real solutions long-lasting solutions that will put the city in a better position not put them in a weaker one. Many are saying that we are going to have a tax increase when act 345 hits come this tax season. That is coming from the contract for the police that the council voted no on and went to arbitration and the city lost. This is going to take effect come this tax season so watch you property taxes for it.. How long do you think it is going to be before the Mayor will be asking  for a millage that will be next. So add the tax increase from act 345 a milliage that may be proposed by the Mayor, and in 2013 the city will drop 1 million from the general fund to pay back what ever they are going to take away for now.


5 thoughts on “Push it on down the road…”

  1. Any body know what was the tax rate for ACT 354 in 2008, and what the current rate is? and how much will be in 2016?


  2. Sean

    Finally someone who gets it, not only that who looked at the transcripts to find out if the administration did there do diligence in the arbitration. When the administration is with the police officers and no one from the council was able to go to the arbitration who was speaking for the council?


  3. The city may not have control over what the arbitrator decides, but it should never even have went to arbitration. Arbitration is for people in negotiotiations that can’t agree. Not because the administration and police officers didn’t get their way. Council voted no! That should have prompted renegotiations, not arbitration!


  4. This city is going broke, the residents can’t afford much anymore.
    speaking of having alot of commanders, I’m sure there
    salaries are quite large. Can we offer any of them a early retirement. In order to be in a command position, they have been with city for a while, right?
    sorry, to sound cheap, but i am a resident in this city, and i have had to re-adjust my family budget several times this past year, because of fluctuations in monthly income, and it’s not because it’s going up either.
    owning a business, our income is not the same.
    When your city,county, state employee, they know every month what they are pretty much what they are going to get, whether they are hourly, or salary.
    This economy has impacted business owners, who are also homeowners. Can’t keep taking, if “we” don’t
    have the money. Sorry, i worry about feeding my family. paying my bills, and trying to keep my head afloat.
    Last time I checked, some of these officers, and fireman make a very decent salary, to live comfortably.


  5. City has no control over an arbitrator so what he awarded cannot be blamed on the Mayor or staff. And what about the fire department…from what I have seen they have it better then the police and are currently in arbitration over health care because they choose not to play ball with the city and probably will not be willing to give up their longevity. Look at the position’s in the fire department they have more in command spots then firemen.


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