Replying to Comments…

If you would like to reply to someones comment you can click under their comment on the bottom right of every comment there is a link to reply to that persons comment. If you want to reply to the post in general you can go to the bottom of the comments under the post and fill it out. When you are replying to someone else comment when I approve the comment it will show in reply to and the name of the person you are replying to. If you are replying to the post in general then there will be no name attached to it. Every blog post has a place to leave a comment I do have to look at every comment and approve it before it goes up sometimes I will approve before I have read it all the way through because it might be coming from someone who has posted many times before so when I see that name I just push approved without reading it.


1 thought on “Replying to Comments…”

  1. Dear Dawn sorry you had such a bad experience as a newbie in our city .welcome to dearborn heights we all get treated that way by pd the brush off I mean they are fine as long as you don’t need them to do something for you. Then it is up to the Luetenant on duty not the chief wether they let officers do something or not. I would say rutrow like scooby do but I am going to say ratrow cause I see the rats where is vector!


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