Let The Competition Begin…

The city will have to compete for a share of the 200 million in state revenue. Rep Bob Constan said at the council meeting that the Governor is looking for cities to consolidate services and for transparency what kind of transparency well only what I have been talking about for the past two years. The check register ONLINE and the budget and I am sure much much more. Councilwomen Badalow has been only asking for the check register for 6 years or so.  I put up a post not to long ago about this you can read it here The bottom line is things have to change and part of that change is for once having transparency in the city. Once again the city is going to have to play catch up. Just think what better position the city would be in if we had these things up and running one year after an IT study and still nothing has been done on that. What are the chances of the city getting money if there is nothing in place that the State is looking for in order to give up that money..

A little note You may think that you can find all that is being spent with the council agendas that is only the amounts of money that are over 5,000.00. What ever money under the 5,000.00 is in the check register.


2 thoughts on “Let The Competition Begin…”

  1. This is not a true statement. The Council has to OK ALL expenditures over $1500 unless the cost is part of a contract.

    Councilwoman Horvath


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