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Update to the post “Empty Senior Centers Kept Open All Day…”

The reason we can not use the senior centers and will never be able to use them is because they are funded through grant and federal money. These grant monies and federal monies are for seniors only the maintenance of the buildings and the employees at each center is from the city general fund. There are many restrictions when grant, and federal money is being used. Next, the exercise equipment was paid for from money raised through fundraising.  A fee of $ 25.00 a year is charged to use the equipment as many times a day as they want to. This money is put back into the center to pay for maintenance of the equipment.

So any thoughts of the rest of us being able to use these centers for anything is out the window.


13 thoughts on “Post Update…”

  1. been by the berwyn center in the afternoon, and it was empty.
    If kim wants to give tours, im sure it will be done in the morning. that is when the seniors are the most active and full, not in the afternoon when it’s empty. That is what the blog was disclosing.Being in grocery, and clothing retail close to 18 years, I know when they come out. Morning. period. both my parents are seniors, and have that same “schedule”. Typically dinner is @ 4:00 p.m. for most seniors.
    Just pointing that out.
    As far as the youth programs, that is only for the spring
    break, and summer vacation, and cost money to do.
    i have kids and have utilized both.


  2. Snax

    Thank you so much for coming to the blog, I have never said I am an expert on all that is going on in the city. I just want to get people involved in the city and give people an outlet for what they would like to say including yourself. They are not my comments and remarks alone there many others who make comments and remarks I would also like to say that your comments and remarks no matter how negative are more than welcome here I thank you for your opinion and would like to remind you that you do not have to come to the blog if you find it so offensive.


  3. I would like to know what makes you such an expert on all that is going on in the city. We never heard of you until you decided to write this blog. Why are people asking you all the questions and your are answering them like you know it all. I have lived in this city for a good number of years and I think all you are doing is making a lot of trouble with your comments and remarks.


  4. Kim

    Thank you for coming to the blog if you read the post you would see that I did update the post and put up that the money was raised from fundraising efforts, and that the 25.00 fee is for maintaining the equipment. The information I got about these centers comes from 6 different seniors who all go to the centers and they came to me and said that they are empty. There is not one council member that I have talked with that has not said the same thing about the senior centers I am not just putting it up here with false information these people who are talking are not giving me false information. These people are seniors themselves who use the senior centers who feel it is something that should be looked into. I post issues that effect this city the budget, and everything in the budget effects the residents. The recreation department that you are the deputy director of is one department that has to be looked at. As far as me going to a senior center I think we both know that I am not welcome there by you. You have made it very clear from last year that I am not allowed there.
    If you have read the post and comments I put up here you would know that I said that there is not one person better then the other in this city. We are all going to have to step up and when the cuts come down suck it up and learn to live with it. Unless we would like to see a financial manager come into our city and our elected officials will be gone.. Contracts will be gone, Services will be gone they can do what ever they want here in the city with out the voters. I am not looking for that to happen I am looking for everyone to do there part… As far as north and south since the day I moved here it is a division that is much more than just because of space. Again that is from council members people that have lived all their lives here and from people who live on both ends of town. There is a real divide in this city but everyone likes to keep their heads in the sand about it.
    I heard more than enough on the south end when I walk door to door there. Same goes for the North end. I think what is surprising to you and others is just how much people in this city talk about these things in private and with their neighbors. Those same people have found a place that they can say those things if it was not a concern for taxpayers I would not put it up here. At least I have the guts to put it up and let you and others debate it and have their say.. I have always said this is a place you can come and put up how you feel For or Against what ever the subject is your comments are put up and welcome. I was asked to talk about the senior centers I was called out for not talking about them in several private phone conversations. I was accused of placating to the seniors and not telling the whole truth. So I opened up the discussion you all can take it where ever you want to, at least I do not have an hidden agenda well except the agenda to get people in this city more involved with what is happening in it. Keep them open or not in the end that is not going to be up to the taxpayer. In the end we are all in the same boat in this city sink or swim we will be doing it together.


  5. It disturbs me that this blog is called “The Truth Page” when you know statements being made on it are false. I have heard about this blog in the past months, but I have not given it any of my energy until now. It is obvious that whoever posted the article in this blog regarding the Dearborn Heights Senior Centers has not even been in one of the centers. The picture used is not from either one of the buildings.
    I have worked for the City for 23 years and I realize that our Community and State is presently going through one of the toughest economic struggles possible. This is not the first struggle we have faced and I am sure it won’t be the last. I also realize that if I did not have all of the information about a subject, I would not write about it without first talking to someone within that department or visiting the place in question. If you do have a chance to visit you will see that the centers are not “empty in the afternoon” but instead are bustling with activity. Rather than blindly speculating, if you would like a complete list of the program offerings you can go to the Dearborn Heights Parks & Recreation website, where there is a list of current and future programs being held at both centers.
    In regards to having two senior centers, you could also ask why there are two libraries, one north and south, and two fire stations, one north and south. We have an oddly shaped City. One of the first things I learned when I started working for the City of Dearborn Heights is that it is spread out, so much so that we are one of the few cities that encompass three school districts, Robichaud, District #7 and Crestwood. We also have two recreation centers, the Richard A. Young Recreation Center and the Canfield Community Center where youth programs are running continuously (A complete listing of which can be found on the Parks & Recreation Department website.)
    Getting back to the senior centers, there is a charge of $25.00 a year to use the fitness room at each center. The fitness equipment at each center was paid for through donations by private donors and fundraising events that were held at the centers, not through the City budget. The fees collected are being used to maintain, replace, and repair the equipment as needed.
    Finally, I would like to say, the senior centers are very important to our senior residents and their families. The centers are an informational resource for family members who are dealing with an aging family member. The center may also be the senior’s only source of socialization. For some of our seniors, the centers are an important part of their life and daily routine. A lot of seniors in our community do not have family living locally to help them out. Those seniors depend on the centers to get a well-balanced lunch, to get their blood pressure taken, to get government food through the food commodities program and the Focus Hope program and utilize the recreational and health programs offered. And now, because of the success of fundraising and the generosity of private donors, seniors are able to exercise in a fitness room located at each center.
    You complain that the centers are deserted after 12:00 p.m., but this is far from the truth. Some seniors come in the morning and stay all day; some come in the morning and stay through lunch and some come for lunch and stay all afternoon. You can ask the afternoon card players at Eton, the club members at Eton and Berwyn (there are 13 senior citizen clubs), the Euchre players at Eton, and the ceramic class at Berwyn (among many others), if the centers are empty in the afternoon. Come visit the centers to see for yourself. If anyone would like more information or would like a tour of either or both of the centers please give me a call, I would be happy to help.


  6. Anonymous

    You are right Eve I apologies I did not think anyone had put that up here amazed did put that up. Their opinion not mine by the way I am not asking the seniors to move over let me just make that clear. It is good to see everyone get involved in the conversation I like that and we get answers to our questions it has been established that we can not use the senior centers not know or ever. It has been established that the equipment was paid for from funds raised through fund raising. It has all so been established that we need to get out and VOTE if we want to be heard. Seniors Vote they are a block of voters in their vote they carry power. Until the rest get out and vote in large numbers I am afraid that you will not be seeing much in the way of things for families. The economic state of the city right now not sure it would matter there is no MONEY.
    Opinions are good informed or other wise discussion is great even heated discussion. I am not perfect and do not pretend to be mistakes are made I am the first to admit when I have made one what you see if what you get with me so having said that again EVE SORRY.
    EVE what you wrote about the recreation department was right on the money by the way I am just wondering if having a deputy director for recreation is more important than a deputy clerk. The administration is planning on writing the deputy clerk position out of the budget along with the deputy comptroller.

    Best Regards


  7. Kathy,

    I think you owe Eve an apology. First, it appears her comment was listed in response to Amazed’s comment, not yours. Secondly, Amazed said at the end of their comment “The seniors have had their day, move over.
    ” So to say that nobody said it is obviously a mistake on your part and needs to be addressed, especially since you used such harsh language as “dam” [sic].

    Just trying to keep things honest. (PS, this new design has scripting errors and it is difficult to keep track of which comments are connected to which. Please go back to an older design.)


  8. Eve

    What was ignorant about telling the residents who wanted to use the senior centers why they can not. What is wrong with letting the public know that the money for the equipment was raised through fund raising. For that matter what is wrong with looking for ways to help the city find ways to save money so we do not have a financial manager come in. I did not think it is wrong to ask them to be closed when they are not being used. I do not think it was wrong to want to use them ourselves. No one said a dam thing about them having their day so move over what was said is that we can use them after the seniors have finished using them for the day. No more no less they of course are vital to the city, but so are the families in this city we are all important no one is better then the other. Keep them open don’t it does not matter to me we will all end up in the same boat in the end…


  9. This is wasteful spending.
    The grants are from the state, and also federal.
    If the cities don’t use the grant money, they will loose it.
    So, the money is spent on facilities that are not utilized enough to warrant keeping them open.
    certain grants are given to cities, counties, and schools for up dates, or projects to help up keep the area. TIFA is an example of that kind of money. However, i don’t think these grant monies are always well spent, or spent properly. Depending on who, or what department this delegation goes too, can have a positive or a negative effect on the city. how the nsp funds are being used is an example of that.
    the grant monies are taxpayer dollars. it’s “our” money, and we as citizens should have the right to vote on what it is used for.


  10. This is the most ignorant statement I have ever heard. Seniors have had there day time to move over? Seniors have and continue to support this city with there tax dollars and are and always have been the backbone of this city. What would you have them do? Disappear? I feel sorry for you and your way of thininking.


  11. Amazed

    Electric, Gas, Phone and so on are paid partly by grants and out of the general fund. It is not up to the seniors to give one to the rest of us to use. There is no way because the money used to fund the centers is restricted to use on the seniors only.


  12. So, electric, gas, phone, cutting of the lawn and snow removal and a NEW BOILER for the berwyn center are all paid for by block grant money. Why are the seniors being so selfish? There isn’t enough seniors that go to the seniors centers. CLOSE ONE OF THEM….. they are both in neighborhods, Make one of them a youth center. The City doesn’t do much for the young people.. The seniors have had their day, move over.


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