Forbidden Topic Not On This Blog..

You might like me not to talk about anything that has to do with schools here on the blog, but just to let you know this is not the School Board. Here on this blog on this space we are allowed to talk about things we are allowed to discuss issues that are relevant to our city. That includes the schools the school boards, and the school districts. The last time I looked the schools are run from tax payer money remember that. Every time there is even a hint of trying to discuss something here about the forbidden subject (SCHOOLS) me and others are told to shut up.

Here is a comment that was put up here today:

Be very careful what you suggest. Before you put it in print, you should do a great deal of investigating. This has been investigated before and there is a lot of information on it. Do not write about what you know nothing about. Be sure of the consequences before you speak.

This was in response to this post this is not the first time here on the blog that something was put up about the schools, or the school board and the comments that come in are basically the same. You can not talk about it that is not open for discussion. What all are forgetting like I said this is not the “you have no right to talk here Crestwood School Board…” This is the Dearborn Heights Truth Page…Here is what is on the Crestwood Board of Education website;

“We at Crestwood believe that to be effective participants in the democratic process, citizens must be kept fully informed. Citizens are encouraged to attend board meetings both as observers and to make their thoughts known.” Source: Crestwood Board of Education

I was at the last meeting as I put up here before, this statement is BULL they did not want to hear anything that anyone had to say. Please watch the meeting and see for yourself. Redistricting the school districts may not be a good idea, but we sure the hell can talk about it. You are welcome to leave what ever comment you want to leave for or against I will make sure it gets put up.



5 thoughts on “Forbidden Topic Not On This Blog..”

  1. I was not implying that this parent was not a good one. I was simply stating that some parents EXPECT so much from schools. Some take NO responsibility and push everything on to the school district.

    Of course not everybody can have a “peachy” experience with everything. Things are what you make them. Extra help should be given first in the home then at school. If that’s not working, then research should be done on other places to go.

    My family member DID NOT get preferential treatment. His mother was NOT on a committee or whatever you are implying. Just a great mother that went the extra step, did not rely solely on the school district and worked with him to make sure that he was getting a great education at HOME and at school.


  2. are you implying that this parent is not a good parent
    with your last paragraph of your statement?
    Not everyone”s experience at the school district as “peachy” as you seem to report.
    Unless you are on committees, and such,
    you do get some preferential treatment.
    Doesn’t matter if your a school, or at a job. That’s is the
    way the world operates.
    If there provisions in a students i.e.p, and they are not being followed, then every parent has a right to question
    what is going on.
    OH, F.Y.I, not all the teachers in this district have there
    special Education hours logged in with state, which they are required by the state. This has NOTHING to do with having a masters in special education.
    Not all teachers are aware or care about an i.e.p that
    is been put in place for the student. (witnessed this)
    so, if it is not followed, it can cause all sorts of confusion
    for student and parent when it is not in forced.
    A few years ago the district decided to main stream
    alot of students that had certain special needs,
    Less severe, per say.
    So, those students would no longer attend a school
    outside our district, which they had before.
    That means more i.e.p.’s
    So, I can see why some parents maybe frustrated.
    Yes, you are harsh. But maybe this will help you understand why maybe that person felt that way.
    they didn’t give any examples of there experience.
    Maybe because if that person gave a scenario, they might be recognized by another blogger or someone that reads it, and is at the school.
    By not giving scenario, that parent was possibly protecting her child’s identity.
    Personally, i think that was smart move.


  3. Anonymous, That is absolute B.S. The school board was bombarded with an issue that happened that the parents LIED about! You do see that the post about it has been deleted. The school board cares. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have run for election. It doesn’t have to do with “politics” like running for council as it seems that is most of their agenda. I can’t wait to see what happens with this issue that everyone showed up about. Talk about egg on your face!!!

    I have a family member with special needs that received an excellent education from Crestwood. I think you may be expecting too much! Don’t forget, YOU are the parent. You should not rely on the school only to help your child. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but my family member had a great mother that worked with him and helped out with what the school could not.


  4. so, they encourage us to get involved, but when you do,
    you are told to sit down and shut up.
    we have experienced this on several levels at the schools, and also at the board office.
    You are made to feel incompetent, and your questions or concerns are not valid.
    Having a child who needs special education, we have had issues getting services that our child qualifies for.
    Don’t bother going to the board, they don’t care.
    Having said that, we have been in meetings with staff and teachers, pushing for services. we understand there are limited sources, but have you seen the amount of monies being hoarded in their coffers.
    It was in the detroit news this past week. we are aloud to have a certain % monies allowed in our rainy day account / fund. we are over that amount. now the state is considering taking it back, since it’s not being utilized. i don’t blame them. It would be great if you could have a link to this article kathy.
    it’s pretty enlightening on where we are ranked in wayne county.


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