Welcome To Bazzaaro World…

This is the new reality Welcome to bazzaro world everybody, two city’s one looking for any way to get money and the other looking for any way to cut spending. What do you get Dearborn and Dearborn Heights coming up with what I am sure will not be the last in bazaar ideas. The latest well that would be  the Clerk from Dearborn coming in and being the Clerk in Dearborn Heights. The Charter of the city say’s that we have to have an elected Clerk I like Kathy Buda the clerk for Dearborn, but I did not elect her for the city I live in.  How this idea has even made it to the light of day is unbelievable what is everyone thinking are these two cities so desperate that they would for go the rights of the voters. We “ah” VOTE knock, knock is anyone at home?

In recent memos, city officials have brought up the possibility of Dearborn assuming clerk’s office duties in Dearborn Heights as well as laid out significant proposals to change police lieutenants’ and sergeants’ contracts in Dearborn. Press and Guide

And while both suggestions were exploratory, said city Finance Director Jim O’Connor, who penned the memos, the reactions they received were less than embracing. Press and Guide

Ya think,  big surprise Mr. O’Connor big surprise that the Dearborn Clerk an elected official her self would be upset. Not to mention you have not even heard from the voters of the two city’s you a proposing this happens in. FYI guys can we stay away from the “right stripping of the voters” when you are all trying to find a way to balance your budgets just a thought guys. Next time someone has another bright idea take a minute and think about it before you rush off to write a memo and start the ball rolling. Next time there is a light bulb moment find out first if you are going to be circumventing the voters…



3 thoughts on “Welcome To Bazzaaro World…”

  1. Anonymous

    I have never ever have heard anything about the Dearborn Clerk not doing a good job. The opposite I have always supported her and I like her very much I have never had a problem with her.


  2. The Clerk in Dearborn cannot handle her own office, let alone the City of Dearborn Heights. Talk to the people who work for her. She continues to get elected because of her name not because of her skill.


  3. I just love the fact that these people think they can just pick and choose without our vote.
    Not the sharpest tools in the shed, are they?
    Seems like this administration enjoys playing games with voters rights.
    i don’t support this action at all. not to mention thinking this was ok, without including the dearborn clerk in the discussion. she has every right to be upset.
    that’s quality leadership.


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