Going, Going and They Are Gone…

The Building Department at the end of March will not have one person in it to do the paper work. Two are taking the early outs, and the last one is moving to the water department.  One of them has been with the city for 22 years  she also gets the packets and agenda ready for the Zoning Board who will be doing that? No one there to train anyone that they maybe hiring so how does a new hire get trained? Oh let me guess we will bring the assistant to the mayor she can train them. Maybe the part-time secretary in the Mayors office his assistant and the executive secretary will be doing all the paper work for the building department. Better get your paper work in for building permits while there is still someone there to do the paper work. No problem it is only a revenue generating department there is no need to have it staffed properly.


3 thoughts on “Going, Going and They Are Gone…”

  1. Kim

    Don Barrow has left the city already, I just have to say that I never heard one word about him not doing a good job, or being shady, or doing anything wrong. I do know that he was doing many different things not sure if he should have been doing all the different jobs he was doing it was like every time the Mayor needed to have someone step in he was the one. I do remember at a council meeting in 2009 when the (IT) was being discussed he had made some rude comment to the council about them holding back payment on a bill for the ( IT). I did write about him way back here will have to go back and find it. I have never heard anything about “wrong doings” by him or anyone in that department.

    If you know of any facts that can be proven please let all of us know.


  2. Unbelieveable!! I also heard the Comptroller, Don Barrow, is retiring. The man that has controlled the money in this city for years. He is so incompitent and shady. I’ve witnessed his “God” complex. He needs to be held accountable for his “wrong doings” before he leaves!!!


  3. you crack me up! lol, lol, lol.
    hello! it’s a money ! doesn’t the city need that? i know i always do!
    This administration is from bazzaaro world!


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