The Bottom Line show me the savings..

All this talk about consolidation has me wondering what is that going to do for us now? We need solutions now to balance a budget not two years from now. As the Mayor pointed out in the Press and Guide it took one year to finalize the agreement between Dearborn and Dearborn Heights for the use of the Libraries. If that took one year than how can the city even look at consolidation as an option to balance the budget of this city? The state maybe pushing for this to happen, many are saying it is the only way. I am just looking at this and shaking my head. There is talk of consolidating Police and Fire, okay look at that if it took one year to consolidate libraries, how long would it take to work through all that would be needed to consolidate Police and Fire?  How does that help us now? It would not, not for the 2010 budget or for the 2011. The new budget goes before the council on April 1 2011 if they stated working on it yesterday they may get it done in time for the 2013 budget by that time would we even need to do it? In the Press and Guide the subject was brought back up about joining Garden City courts with the City of Dearborn Heights Court. Great they are looking into it fine, but then why is the city offering early outs over at the justice center. So bring in more work to our city’s justice center, but get rid of people so they will be under staffed. Oh let me guess the city will bring in the staff from Garden city while we let employees from the justice center go. These days no one is sure if they are going to have a job if they stay so many are taking the early outs. Most of the people taking them are leaving very early, but feel that if they do not they will loss everything. How much will it save us? That is the bottom line the savings if any that the city may find doing all of this consolidating. I have not heard


2 thoughts on “The Bottom Line show me the savings..”

  1. It did not take one year to consolidate the libraries between Dearborn and Dearborn Heights. Plus it’s not a singulair event. A lot of good things/not so good things can happen while this or anything else is being talked about. You don’t just decide you want to pursue something and start trying to work it out and in the meantime nothing takes place. It and everything else happens gradually.


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