Keep It Fair.

While the city is looking to cut spending to balance a budget why not make sure you are fair about it. What do I mean by this? Well a way has to be found to save, to cut, to balance a budget for this city try to make sure that it is not done on the backs of the little guy alone. Please look at everything look in to cutting some of the city services that are not necessary in the city. Look into these things before you cut people.  When and if the decision is made to cut people make sure you cut from all departments not just the departments that are not important to you. We all need to do our share even us as residents while these things may not be our fault we can all help out. For one we can forego some of the things we have in this city in order to save some people their jobs or for that matter some people their pay. I have always thought that the cutting should come from the top down not the bottom up. Keep it fair make sure that cuts are done evenly across the board.


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