I Think We can do better.

As a taxpayer I resent the way a new Clerk is going to be appointed. There is no way that this is doing right by the taxpayers of this city. Applications have to be in by if I understand it right by the 10th of March. By the March 22 the council will have interviewed the applicants and have made a choice for one that will assume office on March 31. This is not doing right by the voters the simple solution to this is bring the Clerk in as a part-time clerk and make her a contract worker until after the election. This should have been thought out much more than this, but the Mayor in his effort to get rid of the City Clerk insisted that she must have her paper work in by January 31 and gone by March 31 2011. Giving no thought to the fall-out of such a thing. Instead of calling her in to his office and sitting down with her. Like a leader would have done she was not planing on leaving this quick she wanted to stay until after the November election. No he could have extend her the early out after that could have let her put in her paper work by January 31 with the understanding that she would stay until after November. So no I resent this and I think the council is doing us all a disservice if they are going to go through with this. NO council use your heads do not add to the mistakes already made by the Mayor, be part of the solution do not add to the problem.


6 thoughts on “I Think We can do better.”

  1. if your not in there “click”, you are no one. There are so many good people that worked their butts off for this city, and they get treated like crud.
    As a citizen i feel this is outrageous. The behavior of some
    individuals is no where near professional.
    Lived here now for 11 years, and this city has gone way down here in that short amount of time.
    I grew up in dearborn, and i never saw this city even close to being what it is today. always thought it was a good city, and decent schools too. not anymore.
    i feel bad for them.


  2. I understand all this. One has to only watch the Mayor at council meetings. The Clerk ran for reelection only four short months ago. What has been going on has been much longer than four months. No is a word that doesn’t seem to be in the councils vocabulary. Heise was a councilperson that tried only to be run out by fellow council members. I still hold the mayor has temper tantrums and they act like two year olds. Berry vs Badlow etc etc. The administration needs to be changed. Voters need to tune in.


  3. Nancy

    Thank you so much for coming to the blog I respect your opinion and understand that it might look as if they are taking their marbles and leaving. I ask you this why would an elected official who has been with the city for all the years she has been with it just leave. There are reasons for this not good ones, the atmosphere at city hall is toxic to say the least. The deputy clerk position is slated for elimination why would you risk losing all those years and stay? They have to protect what they have would you not agree. The way things are being played out in the city no one knows except the department heads if they are going to have a job or not. So they are getting out while they can if this would have been handled in a mature way to begin with I think there would have been less confusion.

    As for family style governing maybe so, but if you are not part of the family you are treated very badly and we all now who the family is in the city. People are afraid to open their mouths over there they are afraid if mommy gets mad at you she will tell daddy and you will be out on your A%^.
    One person told me that they have never seen it so bad and this has been going on for the past 5 years. They all know who is running the city they all know that it takes only one look from a certain someone and you are a target. People that have put in 19, 20 years and more that have been under more than one mayor have never seen something like this. Council members that have been here all there lives who have years with the city have never seen anything like it. One council member said “what is happening to my city? What in the hell is going on?” They are not a bunch of two year old’s they are people who are worried, angry, and afraid of what is happening in their city.. They are people that no longer think they count or matter to anyone at city hall they are people who are never recognized for doing a good job because they are not part of the family.


  4. As I stated in a prior post. The city is run by a bunch of two year olds. The clerk and her office staff decided to pick up their marbles and go home. At the last coucil meeting one member of the council wanted to help these poor people that did not know they would be without money for two months. You have got to be kidding. Why worry about people that walk of the job? The problem with the city is its run like a MOM and POP grocery store. To much family style governing. They should all resign.


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