If the City of Allen Park can’t afford a fire department, is it really a city?

Allen Park’s city administrator Eric Waidelich resigned this weekend as Allen Park’s City Council approved lay-off notices for the city’s entire fire department.

Feb. 28, Detroit Free Press: Waidelich said that since last week’s council vote, his children have been subjected to questions and comments from adults. Waidelich’s last day with the city will be March 11.

If Allen Park can’t support fire service then it really has no reason to exist as an autonomous entity. After all, what’s the point of a city if it’s unable or unwilling to fund the basic public services? There isn’t one. This is the stuff of failed Third World states.

It’s time Michigan got serious about consolidating cities and townships as well as the state’s 550 school districts. Civic pride and cheering for the old Alma Mater are nice, if we want to pay for them. But we don’t.



1 thought on “If the City of Allen Park can’t afford a fire department, is it really a city?”

  1. There are perfectly good cities all over this state with volunteer fire departments. A fire department or police force does not make a city. Services are important but what counts is that they are available. Many cities use private EMS as well.

    If wages get so out of line that you must lay them off that does not provide service to the community.


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