I Stand Corrected..

I want to make some corrections about a post I put up here about the 600,000.00 that the treasurer asked the permission of the council to take from the 1 million dollars that the Mayor mentioned at a council meeting.. Well I posted that the council approved this with out asking a question as to why the money was needed. I stand corrected the council had a closed session about the subject and a study session. They asked all the questions well in advance of the council meeting and under stood why the treasurer needed to take the money.. So I want to let you all know they did ask and they are well aware about what the reason is…



1 thought on “I Stand Corrected..”

  1. Kathy, Nobody can say you don’t step up to the plate. Why all the closed study sessions? The Mayor doesn’t want the public to know this and that. well to bad. this is our right. this is our city and you are spending our money so, Mr. Mayor and city council you will answer to us. Don’t think for one minute Mr. Mayor or Ms.Kramarz you can drive around in a paid for car with my tax dollars and I have to go with out city services.


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