12-mill tax request on May 3 ballot In Garden City

In a surprise move, Garden City Council Wednesday night voted 4-2 to place a 12- mill five-year public safety millage request on the May 3 ballot.

With Councilmember Joanne Dodge absent, the council first faced a tie vote of 3-3 on a motion to approve an eight mills request which failed.

Councilmembers David Duncan, Jim Kerwin and Al Briscoe announced prior to the vote that they couldn’t support more than a four-mill request.

“I’m not trying to cheat anybody here,” Kerwin said. “Four mills would be a lot easier to swallow. Eight mills is not going to work.”

Even with an eight-mill request the city projected that it would have to make cuts to help balance the budget but the money approved by voters would be placed in a designated fund.

The motion for 12 mills was then made by Duncan and supported by Councilmember Michael Todd. Kerwin and Briscoe again cast no votes, with Duncan, Todd, Councilmember Jaylee Lynch and Mayor Randy Walker voting yes. Read the Rest

Another city doing a mill Dearborn is considering one this is another way some city’s are going when trying to find money to keep city’s up and running.. Would a millage pass here in Dearborn Heights if put before the voters? There has not been a good history of success when it comes to millage’s here in Dearborn Heights..


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