Mistakes That Cost…

McKenna Associates is the company that the city hired to “help administer” the NSP Grant. The invoice from McKenna tell a different story it is  more like they are running the NSP Grant. McKenna put in for $54,342.82 and council approved it.. The invoices are for services on the NSP Grant from September-December of 2010. Good thing they held off on putting in for that money until the city got some money back from the State. The city got its first significant amount of money 330,000.00 back from the state a few weeks back. The invoice from McKenna puts the city far over what the Grant allows to spend on administering this Grant. There are more invoices to come from McKenna, the city is only half way through this program. Half way through the Grant and over, that would suggest that what ever has to be paid out comes out of the general operating funds of the city. The city can not afford to pay for this. That is just for McKenna that does not include work done on the NSP Grant by Allen Brothers, or Wade Trim. This is what happens when you rely on a third-party administrator instead of the person you put in charge of the program. The grant was not designed to have a third-party doing all the work. That is why there is only  10% allowed of the Grant funds to be spent on administering the Grant in the First Place. Less money administering more money to rehab and buy homes.  It all makes a difference the city can no longer afford these types of mistakes to happen. What if anything can the council do? Little or nothing, works been done invoices submitted they have no choice, but pay. They are the customer a job completed on behalf of the customer they have to pay.


4 thoughts on “Mistakes That Cost…”

  1. Well Wondering I think you hit it on the head. I know a lot of us feel the same way. You live in a city all your life and you expect the people you elected to take care of it. If half of them don’t live in the city any way why should they care if your city goes to hell. I know the Mayor rents a house in Dearborn Heights. Where do the police live? The Police benefits come from Dearborn Heights residents. Some of the police officers don’t even live here..


  2. Wondering

    You are most welcome I thank you for your kind words we will have to see where we are going to take this next. I think it is best for all concerned to take it some place else outside of the city. I am referring to the information that we have let someone else look into this another outside agency would be best to handle this.


  3. OMG, OMG, OMG! When is this craziness going to stop???I have had my fill! Is it possible to have a “Town Meeting?” Are the residents going to stand up and stop these things from happening? I honestly thought, really, that Mayor Paletko was going to prove all the rotten things he has been doing or covering up were just crappy lies. NOT! I thought our council was comprised of some of the brightest and best, I still think a few of them are, but what the heck is going on with them? I have seen each of them make some unpopular or unacceptable statements, but I never ever thought it would go this far. Never! Council, you may not know me personnally, but I have spent a lot of time watching our D.H.TV, the meetings (I even came to a few), and I read and research a lot. I just can’t believe you haven’t stopped this craziness. Now you have some media components watching you and our administration. What will happen when that crap hits the fan?
    Kathy, I do appreciate you providing this blog, going out of your way to get truthful information and posting it for those of us who can’t for whatever reason. I applaud you and your husband for all your efforts.
    Now. I want to know when your husband is going to use the FOIA info and knock our mayor off his throne? I want to know when, not if, all his “deeds” will come back to bite him on his can. Let’s start with our esteemed mayor and work our way down. After him, go for Ms. KK, then let’s see what we have left to work with. You know the old adage, “Cut off the head of the snake…”
    I have lived in DH all my life, except when I was in the service. I have never heard such nonsense and egotistical bull.
    Thank you for letting me speak.


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