Grab an Oar and let’s Row This Boat Together…

It is time, time for the Mayor and the Council to do what will have to be done. No one wants to be the one that the residents point a finger at and say “that’s the one.” That’s the one who took everything away from us in the city. We all want to be liked, but some hard choices are going to have to be made here in this city and some of them are going to upset people. We the residents are going to have to understand what needs to be done in-order to keep this city afloat. We all need to grab an oar and row this boat. I think it is safe to say that we have all made changes in our budget. All of us have changed our spending habits have given up things have done away with other things that we thought we could not live without… Well the city will have to do the same thing. There is no other way and even with doing that there is no guarantee that the city will find the money it needs. The Council and the Mayor are going to have to make these cut as one council person said to me. ” The city has to provide Police, Fire, and Trash collection.” The rest of it is extra so when the cuts come down do not be surprised at what just might be done away with. Let us all remember that something should have changed long ago in this city.

When the cuts come down let us make sure that we are sharing in it equally. There have been enough mistakes made in the past couple of  years there is no more room for mistakes. There is no more room for unqualified persons making major decisions in this city there is no room for over inflated egos.  If city services are cut make sure Mr. Mayor that you have taken a 10% pay cut like Mayor of Dearborn.

Mayor Jack O’Reilly said Thursday that he would take the voluntary cut.

“We’re going to be looking to the unions for 10 percent reductions in personnel costs so I’m going to take the same cut myself,” he said. “I think it’s a good faith effort to show that this is something where we’re asking everyone to get on board and share in the sacrifice and that starts at the top.” Source: Press and Guide

Make sure that every car is taken away from your department heads. Garden City got rid of the cars for that city’s department heads years ago. Make sure Mr. Mayor that you start to drive your own car to work when your lease is up.. There is no more worrying about being “liked” it is about the city now nothing else.



4 thoughts on “Grab an Oar and let’s Row This Boat Together…”

  1. When it is time for the Mayor to get his new car he will go before council and they will approve it. Same old stuff. The council approves everything they want. What is the council afraid of? I am not voting to re-elect anyone. I hope new people run. I am so tired of this. They better start at the top cutting expenses. Just cars alone would help. This is not Birmingham.


  2. Nancy
    Thank you for coming to the blog I took your last name out not sure if you wanted it showing if you do just put it up next time you comment. The home you are talking about are going to cost us money from the general fund. The city has gone over the 10% allowed to spend for administrating the grant. The Mayor’s assistant/Assistant Mayor has not charged on minute of her time. What ever time she spends working on the NSP grant she has to charge by not doing so there is not a true account of how much money is spent. Not to mention the head of the building department has not done the ruff inspection of these homes, so how will they be able to pass the inspection for Certificate of Occupancy.


  3. It boils down to is accountability.
    WE as citizens are expected to have it, but
    if you are the mayor, or one of his cronies
    they feel they are exempted.
    you can’t push forward when you have so many stuck in the wrong frame of mine.
    Many are looking for a way to get in the good graces of the mayor, hoping they will be picked for advancement, or not be fired.
    fear plays a big part in all this. fear mongering leads to corruption. kwame did this. we need a change in leadership, and perferably someone that is not currently involved on dans staff.


  4. Having watched the mayor and council for several years I have concluded this city is run by a bunch of babies. The mayor has tantrums. The council shows obviously who does not like each other.They have all been in their positions much to long..The retirement plans given to city workers is a rape of the taxpayers of this city. The phony traffic tickets and following court system is a joke. During this mess with the houses the council keeps saying it cost us nothing it is a federal program. Last time I checked the taxpayers of dearborn Heights paid for that program. I would rather throw the boat and the oars out.New beginnings are in order.


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