Just how slow do things move…

Was watching a council meeting from November of 2009 interesting when Councilwoman Horvath asked the Mayor if there had been any further discussion with Dearborn on (IT?) His answer was long, but he said that he had complied a file about this thick and showed us with his fingers just how thick it was. Then he said that he want to have a study session with the report he was making (never happened) and have a question and answer session with the council. He all so said that Dearborn had a flow chart and now we have one too. He was deciding on whether to contract out for IT or to hire someone. That was in November of 2009 we are in February of 2011 and still he is talking with Dearborn, and looking into it. When I said things move slow they move very very slow. I am the first to admit I do not like to wait for things


7 thoughts on “Just how slow do things move…”

  1. Of course we have the right to know where **OUR** “money is going and to whom.” But, you are completely missing my point. If you see a check going out to Mr. Smith for $100, what does that tell you? Absolutely NOTHING!!! We need more than just a “check register”. A check register is completely useless!!!! I NEVER said that I didn’t care where MY money was going. Please read what I am posting and please don’t put words in my mouth!


  2. Sean….We have a right to know where are money is going and to whom. At the council meetings they talk in riddles so you don’t know what is getting paid to who. If you don’t care where your money is going, then I will pay your bills for you and you can sit in wonderment and guess what I am doing. Don’t ask me any questions till the end of the year when your money is gone.


  3. Sean

    Hi I know you are replying to Amazed, but I just would like to say that the public does not have access to the invoices of what the city is paying out. They are not put up on the city web site before the council meetings. Sure they put up xyz company pay them 10,000.00 one line. It does not say what it is for something I have been asking be put up for a long time now… The check register may raise more questions then it answers, but for me this is about open gov and about an announcement made that it would go up and then it did not. Not to mention councilwoman Badalow asked about having this online more then 6 years ago…


  4. The check register is only going to cause confusion and raise more questions. It is pointless unless you have the invoices for what the city is paying. An example of a so-called check register would be: **Mr. Smith – $100.00***. So, why are you in such a hurry for that?


  5. I remember that council meeting. That is how he does things. He waits you out so you forget and go to something else and he never has to follow through on anything he says. I don’t know Maybe the Mayor ought to be checked for ALZHEIMER’S. I am concerned.


  6. Yes, I was watching the city council meeting on tv last weekend and basically he said the same thing. THIS IS NOT AN ANSWER. Do your job. Find out the answer one way or the other.


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