Things Move So Slow…

If the council can snap their fingers and get everyone moving to make an ordinance to deal with elected officials getting early outs. Then why not do the same thing to get things rolling to get some dam (IT) in this city. Why not invite the city of Dearborn’s  IT department to a council meeting to explain just what they are offering and for how much it would cost and what they would be doing for the city the council  can vote on that.   A year later and we are standing still again, hasn’t this gone on long enough? What are you people waiting for get the ball rolling on this. The council asked for and received a detailed report almost one year ago. They know what needs to be done and yes it will cost money and money is hard to come by these days. I am not even sure if the city has servers large enough to handle what needs to be done. The council took the vote and approved the funds to get the study done in the first place. The first step was taken to get a better understanding of just what is needed in the city why did the council stop there? I know the Mayor has said that he is in contact with the city of Dearborn and that they are having problems. Did one council member call the Mayor of Dearborn or their IT department and ask. Stay with me here guys but the city of Dearborn is facing a massive  budget deficit don’t you think they would be interested in making some money? Why would anyone take the Mayor’s word for it, have we not learned anything in the past couple of years? Over a year ago he said the check register was going to go online it did not. He claims that Blue Cross is having computer problems that is why he has not seen the savings from the health care.  Do I need to go on, there is more. If there is no money to pay for this, if the council feels that the city can not do this than say so. No harm No foul just tell the truth if this is not going to happen now let us know. Same goes for the Mayor if you feel that right now the city does not have the money for what needs to be done just say that.  Mr. Mayor we are all grown ups, we are all dealing with budgets of our own pretty sure we can deal with it…


1 thought on “Things Move So Slow…”

  1. I agree. I wish the council would get together on the other things we need also. Why don’t you tie up your loose ends. I am sure BC has their computer fixed by now. I have never seen such procrastination. It’s pretty bad when you have a bad administration a inconsistant City Council


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