City is going to borrow money…

The city Treasurer submitted to the council for permission to borrow money from the Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority (MMRMA.) He is asking to take $600,000.00 the maximum amount allowed for the city to borrow. He asked for these funds due to the low amount of cash in the City’s General Fund now the truth is starting to come out it is about time. This is just the start the good news if there is any good news we can pay it back when the financial condition of the city is better. So no time limit to return the money wondering how many other city’s are going to be doing the same thing.

City Council passed this without comment not a question was asked nothing as to why he needs this money. Only the Mayor saying that the amount of money was not for the public to know. Well he brought it up when he tried to embarrass the treasurer at a previous council meeting. He wanted to show just how much the treasurer did not know when he reveled that the city had accesses to 1 million with MMRMA. Well our treasurer who had no knowledge of the funds has asked for them and is getting them to help pay the bills.


2 thoughts on “City is going to borrow money…”

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