From 4 Million to $185,000.00

Mayor Dan Paletko released a statement after the settlement was brought up at the Feb. 8 council meeting.

“As of (Thursday) no settlement agreement and release has been executed by the parties in the case,” the statement said.

“On the issue of amount of the money agreed to in the settlement, Mr. Jamal had demanded his job back and amounts approaching four million dollars. He did not get his job back and any monies paid to him will be provided by the City’s insurance company and not the City of Dearborn Heights. Against my wishes the lawsuit was settled by the (city’s) insurance company for economic reasons. Since it was their monies they controlled the negotiations, and I might add, the amount paid was a small fraction of the amount demanded by Mr. Jamal.”

Why would anyone who had the things said about them want to go back to work for the very people who said those things. In this story it indicates that Hassane Jamal Demanded his job back, and what was going to happen to the man who has that job now? What, the city would fire that person and the city would be hit with another lawsuit. How ridiculous to even consider coming back to work for the city. I can say as a tax payer if that would have happened I would have been screaming from the roof tops. Bring him back to the city after the city has paid out 75,000.00 in legal fees.  The mayor is correct any money paid out to Hassane Jamal is from the insurance, but the first 75,000.00 is on the taxpayers. Hassane Jamal ask for 4 million and settle on $185,000.00 amazing I agree with councilwoman Badalow in her statement to the Press and Guide. Who would think that you are going to settle when the amounts are so far apart from each other. The council was I am sure aware of what he was asking for that is why councilwoman Badalow is so surprised. I guess having your record expunged is worth over 3 million dollars.  It is in the best interest of everyone concerned to settle this matter especially the Mayor.

In the sprite of being as upfront a possible I am friends with Hassane Jamal and my family had a previous friendship with the Mayor.


2 thoughts on “From 4 Million to $185,000.00”

  1. I have not a clue that would be something that you might want to look into. There are several questions about budgets in this city how they could vote to give themselves pay increases and be in the hole takes a lot of guts. Just like they gave it to themselves they can vote to give it up with enough pressure.


  2. Can anyone tell me why Westwood Community school district is $-6,500,000. in the hole and the board of education voted for an increase pay per meeting from $50 to $75?
    This is the same board of education that voted for a budget that left the district in the red which is illegal.


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