City named in another lawsuit…

Another lawsuit filed against the city,

Fatima Vangel. She filed on February 10 2011 against, Nicholas Szopko, Aaron Franckowiak, Timothy Walsh, R Smith, Joanne Beedle-Peer, Lee Gavin and City of Dearborn Heights. What is the nature of this suit  Civil Rights – Other Civil Rights


2 thoughts on “City named in another lawsuit…”

  1. As you can see Edward I took some things out of your comment I did explain to you why in an email. I have heard the same things you have about the chief, I can’t put up what both of us have heard in the end it’s just hear say. I think it’s time that you and whom ever you’ve been talking with go to the Mayor or to some of our council members. The council may not have say in firing someone working for the city, but if that person is costing the city money due to lawsuits there might be something they can do.


  2. Lee Gavin is not a respected person to be the chief of police in Dearborn Heights , as a Business owner in the city I hear on a daily bases complaints about him. His own officers are talking about him. When your own officers start talking like this there must be something wrong. I’m just thinking of how many lawsuits it takes before the mayor and the city council takes any action ??


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