Might be on to something…

Did any of you notice at the last council meeting councilwoman Badalow read a couple of questions from residents. Someone commented not so long ago that they thought maybe this should be done like this instead of people having to come to the council. Maybe for people that do not want to come on camera and so on. I was very happy to see the mayor answer the question with something besides “come to my office and we will discuss it.” I am not sure if other council members have done this before just the first time I saw it. Maybe this would be a better way to ask questions if the council is willing to do it that is. I see that councilwoman Badalow is I think council Horvath might be willing not sure about the rest. Email them and find out if they would be willing to do it. If you and your neighbors have a question or concern do it as a group.



1 thought on “Might be on to something…”

  1. that is safer than going to the meetings and presenting yourself
    before the mayor, so you can get tagged a trouble maker for him.
    less chance of you being lured into the lions den……..
    i think i will email a few myself with concerns


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