Big Money Paid Back To The City From NSP…

Show me the Money, good news the city got $377,000.00 on Friday from the  NSP Grant. After more than a year there is movement. The money put in for has come back to the city. They are finally paying us back for some of the homes purchased for the NSP Program. $377,000.00 plus the earlier $150,000.00 the city has now gotten back $527,000.00 back out of $858,000.00 spent. The total of the grant is 1.6 million the city will have to spend all of it that is the way the grant works. If the city is going to have to wait for over a year to get money back, the budget is going to be in trouble. A program that has been in existence for over a year and half the city finally is seeing some money. This money is coming in after more than a year of the city paying out of the general fund. The city still has not even started draw down the renovations for these homes. That is going to be worrisome because of the lack of work inspections not done by the building department.


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