Another Lawsuit for Dearborn Heights…

The federal lawsuit alleges persistent and “serious” civil rights violations and abuse of police authority in regards to the Dearborn Heights department along with accusations of a conspiracy to conduct and operate a “commercial enterprise” through the issuing of traffic tickets to generate municipal revenue under cover of state law.

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17 thoughts on “Another Lawsuit for Dearborn Heights…”

  1. How does a Chief of Police have a PPO and still not be excused from office not even one day!With Solid evidence!Right ??
    Hope Faith Trust


  2. If that comment was directed at me (??), then maybe you should talk with the police officers that you have “worked with in the past”, as you claim, and see what they would have done in this situation. I have friends and family that are police officers and they all said the officers actions were justified. All of my police connections are honest and good officers. And if MY comment is “to stupid to comment on..”, please learn to spell and reread your post if you plan on criticizing. It’s YOUR, not YOU and it’s TOO, not TO. Also, you do not end a sentence in a preposition (“on” is a preposition – do you know what that is?) The police officers were 100% justified in drawing their weapons!


  3. I guess we are all afraid of the consequences, “amazed”. Right? Why do YOU use an alias? Take off YOUR “rose colored glasses” and see what is REALLY going on. You have no idea and you would truly be amazed!!!


  4. I agree with you, Amazed!! I have a feeling there will be more to come in attorney fees because of the Mayor and his entourage. I’m just curious who the Fab Four are? I’m saying the Mayor, Comptroller, City Attorney……..


  5. Curious heights do you know what an attack on our legal system is? The Mayor and his Fab Four getting sued for things they have no right to do and it costing the City thousands in attorney fees. Thats criminal.


  6. curiousheights- I am glad not every body feels the same way you do. We also have freedom of choice along with freedom of speech. My family fought for this country like so many others and that is what makes America great. If I feel like my civil rights are being violated, I have the right to act on them. If you think it is a waste of time I feel sorry for you. Take off your rose colored glasses and look at things for what they really are. If that is how you really feel why do you use an alias? Are you afraid of consequences?


  7. It’s simple. If you are going any speed over the speed limit, you are breaking the law. I have been caught going over the speed before and it wasn’t pleasant for me getting a ticket, but I risked getting caught and I did. I know the law and I had to take responsibility for my actions. That’s how our country works. If people don’t want to live responsibly, then they should find another country.

    The fact that police are looking for people breaking the law means they are doing their job, whether we think we’re “special” and should be exempt or not. Just follow the rules you are supposed to learn in drivers ed and you will be okay.

    I am yet to see how police enforcing law is a violation of civil rights? IT IS A FRIVOLOUS LAWSUIT.


  8. CuriousHeights

    I would just like to remind you that the State did come in and say that the city could not keep the ticket/overtime program that was in the Dearborn Heights Police Department. The police could get overtime if they wrote out so many tickets. That happened in September of 2010 the revenue is down from the police department due to this. The Mayor does talk about that in the Press and Guide Newspaper. Not everything is what it seems. Not saying those people have or do not have a case just saying there was a ticket program that this mayor introduced and has been going on for 6 years.
    There has been a new case filed againts the city on February 10, 2011

    Plaintiff: Fatima Vangel
    Defendants: Nicholas Szopko, Aaron Franckowiak, Timothy Walsh, R Smith, Joanne Beedle-Peer, Lee Gavin and City of Dearborn Heights
    Nature of Suit: Civil Rights – Other Civil Rights

    I did live in Egypt for 7 years and do know all to well the human rights violations. What other countries do not have we do one is rights . That is what makes this country the envy of all. Do some people abuse the system yes, and it works both ways. We should keep an eye on this case to see what happens.


  9. What a waste of our legal process! This is what ties up our court systems from dealing with the true problems in society. Not to mention waste our tax money for personal gain and personal agendas!

    This baloney is what upsets me 100 times more than whether or not some guy should or should not have been fired by the mayor. This is an outright disrespect and attack on our legal system and those who protect us. I mean really, speed limits are a conspiracy against human rights??? They should try living in the middle east for a few years then maybe they’d know what human rights (or lack thereof) truly are.

    I hope the city can counter-sue these people for wasting our city’s time and money!


  10. I didn’t know you were there big dog. Take your blinders off. I know quite a few police officers from different cities plus I have worked with the police in the past and believe me they are not all honest. Which makes it bad for the ones who are great police officers.


  11. A bogus lawsuit. How was the officer to know that the person wasn’t running into the house to grab a gun? With all the killings of police officers, they must protect themselves. If this person would have just followed the instructions of the police officer, that would not have happened.


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