“This is probably going to be our toughest year ever…

“This is probably going to be our toughest year ever to keep things running smoothly,” he said. “It’s time to buckle up and see what we can do.” Council Chair Baron Press and Guide..

On Tuesday the Mayor gave a general assessment of the budget some major concerns are:

Several items are of great concern to the budget, Paletko said. He said revenue from police traffic tickets is one concern, because traffic operations have been suspended since September.

Another concern for the budget is the city hasn’t been able to institute changes in health care for city employees as quickly as desired, Paletko said.

The city wants to get things started with Blue Cross Blue Shield, but he said Blue Cross has made an excuse for the delay because of computer problems. He said he has a meeting on health care this week, and will have more information after that.

Source: Press and Guide

Council Chair Baron asked for the update because council needs to get a better idea of what the city will face in 2011-2012.

All of council is eager to get more information and has been eager for awhile, Baron said. Press and Guide

Badalow said she was hoping to get some numbers, because council will need to approve a budget before the next fiscal year begins. She said the sooner council has more information, the better it can make an informed decision on the budget. Press and Guide

Now I am not a numbers person, but how can you bring a budget before the council in April if you have not amended the 2009-2010 budget? There is a shortfall in our budget as the treasurer of Dearborn Heights has made clear before the council. The Press and Guide did a story about it last week when will the budget be amended. How are you going to bring a new budget with the wrong numbers? Can someone who knows something about this please explain this to me. I thought it was the law that you must have a balanced budget.


1 thought on ““This is probably going to be our toughest year ever…”

  1. Hey, I know the answer for that one! It is what CPA’s call “creative bookkeeping” and CPA’s use it to “fix” the crap no one can explain away. Smoke and mirrors is the other answer….


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