We Have Been Invited…

Congratulations the blog has been invited to the Press and Guide. This is some of the email I got all of you should be very proud of what you  have done here. Hats off to you all.

The reason I am contacting is because currently we are endeavoring to add more quality and content on our blog page at www.pressandguide.com and I was wondering if you would be interested in getting linked up.

I think you provide an interesting take on city happenings and “Dearborn Heights Truth Page” certainly would be a welcome addition.

Best regards,

J. Patrick Pepper
Press & Guide Newspapers

The Link is up and running guys again Congrats to you all…


6 thoughts on “We Have Been Invited…”

  1. well this only means now they get free reporters and one less person doing a job that honestly has not been done in the past 5 years since tracy balazy was at the paper ,there used to be a nieghborhood’s colummn then when she was reassigned to belleville and a pay cut there went what now they are trying to do is get free stringers and pump up there readership SHAME ON THEM


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