Have You Been Invited To The Mayors Office?

One thing the Mayor is very good at is making you feel like your problem is so important to him. In the past year I have heard from at least 40 people that told me stories about going to the mayor office after being invited there. To discuss a problem that they are having. All said the same thing that he made me feel like he really cared about me. I thought when I left, that he was going to do something. When people come before the council to express a complaint you are sure to hear. “oh you can come to my office and we will take care of it.” You might hear, “we can discuss this in my office.” How ever it is worded you can be assured that you will not get to go any further with your complaint. This is something I use to think was so great. I use to think what a great guy. All the time hearing about the Mayor’s open door policy until I started to hear from people that he never does anything that he says he will in his office. It does show a true politician making you feel like you are so important to him. Making you feel that your issue is top on his priority list.

Oh how many people have told me that line.” It is my top priority” there is no way that these people are not telling the truth. Heard it on the south end of town the north end, and in the middle. They all say the same thing he never got back to me, he never did anything for me. I never got a phone call telling me there was nothing he could do for me. I would tell these people why not go back to the council and state for the record what happened to you? Most told me what for the council is in on with him. No they are not the council thinks that when you meet with him he is taking care of the problem. That is only 40 people how many others are out there that had the same experience? I would ask you each and everyone of you to please come to the council and let them know what happened to you. Those of you who had a good experience your issue was solved to your satisfaction let us know that too. If you do not want to go to the council please leave a comment here or send an email to the council members.

How disillusioned I was I never thought for one minute that the Mayor was doing this. Every time I was every around the Mayor I never ever got the feeling that he was anything, but straight forward. We were told over the years by many people that we should not trust him. Just never thought for one minute that what they were saying was true. To give credit these same people never have to us “I told you so.” I thank them for that as was said to me I knew there would come a day when you guys would see it for yourself.  So guys let me know good or bad what your experience was when you went to the Mayors office.


4 thoughts on “Have You Been Invited To The Mayors Office?”

  1. This is not a gossip column. Things presented here are personal dealings with City Officials. It opens the avenue for debate. Where is the check registrar the Mayor promised? Don’t you want to know what our money is being spent on. We are not financially solvent and the Mayor cannot balance the budget. With freedom of speech comes consequences. Any person who speakes out and uses their name is truely paying for it one way or another. I know from personal experience.


  2. I would like to speak with you about my encounters with the Mayor, Don Barrow and I’m sorry to say, some of the city council members. I’m very disturbed at what’s going on in this city. I look forward to speaking with you on February 22nd at the City Council meetings.


  3. I am sorry to say but what she is saying is true. I am one of those people who has had Mayor office visits with a problem. He acts very interested and might even leave the room to check it out with someone else and come back and make you feel your problem is well taken care of. In reality he did nothing and the problem still exists. It is very disheartening to go through this. The Mayor acts like you are important and wants to solve your problem, after all I voted for him. The only way to show him I don’t like being treated this way is at the polls. He won’t get my vote…


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