30,000.00 Dollar Study…

There was a study done on the IT of the city some time back. The cost of the study was $30,000.00 the city did not fair well in the study. Several suggestions were made on how to improve  IT  in the city. Until know there is no IT department non of the improvements made in that report have been worked on. Councilwoman Badalow had a question she read from a resident. The question was  asking what ever happened what kind of movement if any has been done. The Mayor said that he had been in talks with the city of Dearborn, but those talks had been delayed because of layoffs and so forth.

Councilman Berry asked the treasure about paying property taxes online. That is something I have heard over and over from residents when I was running for city council. Why we can not pay for anything online? While this would be a great thing and many of you know that I am all in favor of anything that, would stream line this city. I would like to point out that  the treasure would have to be working with an IT person. There has to be a system in place there is non. Most of you who come here know, I have been screaming at the top of my lungs for many things in regards to IT in this city. The city is not engaged with its residents while other city’s use such social networks as Twitter, and Facebook. The city of Dearborn Heights makes no effort.  There is a real sense in the city of a closed government not an open one.

One example would be the check register, this was promised by the Mayor back in December of 2009. He said that it was to be up on the city website by 1-1-2010. More than a year later and still not up there, not a surprise for so many in the city. I was surprised that he did not make sure it went up after making the announcement at city council.  Many I spoke with in the following days, said it will never happen he is just blowing smoke. I never thought that to be the case I waited and waited a year later, sorry to say all those people are right. While councilman Berry suggestions are right on the mark. He is in a long line of many, including some of his fellow council members who have been asking for some of this stuff for years.  Talking with the treasure is not who you should be talking with. You should be talking with the administration. The council must make sure that the study the taxpayers paid for is put in action.


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