South End Strip Mall To Be Demolished…

Good news for the people living on the South End Of Dearborn Heights. The building department is bring before the council the abandoned strip mall on Van Born. Tonight the building department is asking for a vote to go ahead and demolish the property.

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12 thoughts on “South End Strip Mall To Be Demolished…”

  1. CuriousHeights

    Are you talking about the property next to Mexican Fiesta? The property on Van Born I do not have enough information on. One time someone asked me here long ago to come and look at it. I did and took pic and put them up here. Not sure how they could even poor cement on that project with out someone in the city noticing and finding out if they have a permit. Like I said have heard many stories just not sure what the truth is with the Van Born property.


  2. I think you’re right Kathy, I don’t see how the CEDD head would be responsible for this. Looks like the Building department dropped the ball on this one, just like the former auto parts store pile of bricks on Ford road. I wonder if a prominent real estate agent in our community owns this property too?


  3. Anonymous

    First can you put yourself as Anonymous 2 I have so many anonymous coming here not sure who I am replying to.. Next in no way does Ron Amen have anything to do with that mess on Van Born. Not sure if that department had anything to do with it. If they did it would have been under the former director. If the old director is responsible in any way for that mess then SHAME ON HIM…


  4. I’m happy to see it go too. I just didn’t think it was right for “amazed” to blame Ron Amen for something done before his time.


  5. I have no idea what the CEDD director would have to do with it, but I could be wrong. I was wondering the same thing how a whole strip mall went up, but again I would not know who was involved in the building, just happy to see it go.


  6. Wasn’t that waste of a building built during the tenure of the previous CEDD director? How did our Building Department allow such a thing?


  7. Oh I see, They built the strip mall like they built the NSP houses. I guess that is the way Dearborn Heights does it.


  8. I believe it is the empty one that never opened up. None of our money was used to build these buildings and to use our money to get rid of an eye sore if that is the only way I am fine with. I think that who ever owns it will have to pay for it. Just wondering if they had the proper permits to build it in the first place. I heard that they did not have a permit to build or did not pass inspections. What ever the case it needs to go.


  9. Which mall is it? The one they built and never rented one space in it or the one they built and rent spaces out every 3 months. Both are not much older than 4 yrs old. brand new buildings. what a waste of more of our money. Thank you Mr. Mayor you are the money man.


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