So What is it Going To Be?

What one do you want Chief Gavin? I remember not to long ago you put something before the council asking to be provided the same benefits as the patrol officers. Now you are coming before the council to ask for the same benefits as the Dearborn Heights Police Supervisors Association. Motion 10-276 extended the benefits to the Police Chief as of July 27, 2010. The council passed to give you the benefits of the patrol officers contract.  Now you are asking all the benefits finalized in the Police Supervisor’s contract be extended to you.  So you get the benefits from the patrol officers and the police supervisors or do you get to pick and chose what ones you want or do not want. How does one person get benefits from both contracts? Does the Chief of Police have a contract with the city? Since when does the council extend to the Chief the benefits not only for one, but both contracts? Is there any other police contract up for negotiation that the Chief would like to take part in?


I did get an explanation to this he was not asking for extra or new. He was asking to get what was agreed on in the arbitration the final items that were not final when he came before the council the first time. Thank you Councilwoman Horvath for clearing that up for me.


2 thoughts on “So What is it Going To Be?”

  1. When are we going to stop playing Lets Make A Deal. I think it is time for every one to get out of bed and go to work…..


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