Raising Funds for What?

The Mayor, who is not running for office, is having yet again another fund raiser on February 23, 2011 from 5:30p.m.-7:30p.m. at Stefan’s Banquet Hall. $50.00 a ticket why? No election this year.  just can not understand why he would feel the need to ask for more money. There is no shortage of funds in his campaign fund to fight anyone who would dare to run against him. It is his right this after all is America he can have a fundraiser every week if he wants to. I have an idea, instead of asking for money. Why not ask the people you are inviting to bring in canned goods. Use your free event to collect food items  to help the people that are in desperate need in the community. Let your event go to helping someone besides yourself Mr. Mayor.


17 thoughts on “Raising Funds for What?”

  1. Thanks Kathy for your openess on this. But please keep in mind I don’t mean to limit it to just the Mayor and Mr. Jamaal, I would think it should be a standard procedure for any news story that may arise involving personal friends.

    Also, I had to chuckle reading the message from “Wondering” to “Anonymous” above. Someone called “Wondering” criticizing “Anonymous” for not using their name. I’d love to see a drivers license with the name “Wondering” on it. It reminds me of “McLovin” in that movie a few years ago. haha. Thanks for a good laugh!


  2. CuriousHeights and Anonymous 1

    Will do, I will put that if I write about either one. This is your blog too not mine alone thank you both.


  3. let me get this straight, we pay him $50 for a ticket for a
    fundraiser, that we don’t know what the funds raised will be used for? please ……… $50 for what? some over priced food? nahhhhh, something doesn’t sniff right. what is his motive?
    after what has happened in this city with the lawsuit, he has the gall to go forward with this? brazen, mr.mayor.
    i would take my $50 and give it to notable charity, rather than you.


  4. Kathy,

    Thanks for the response. As for friends, from a journalistic point of view, I would have to agree that it is good to be safe and note when you are or have had personal relationships with specific people in an article. It would come across better in my opinion.

    For example, if it is something about the Mayor and Mr. Jamaal, then just put a little disclaimer note after the article saying that you used to be personal [meaning outside of “professional” interraction] friends with the Mayor and are still friends with Mr. Jamaal if that is the case. Like when news sources note any relationships they may have [such as the same parent company] with companies they report on.

    You don’t have to post lists of friends, that is unreasonable, but just make a note on a specific article for transparency. That is what we all expect from the city, so any reporting should follow the same expectations.

    That’s my two cents.


  5. This is nuts. In the “spirit of journalistic integrity” and they sign their post, “Anonymous”? How about at least using a little creativity?
    To Anon: Kathy writes about what is going on in our city. She covers subjects from all angles. She posts negative and positive from her readers. Concerning the Jamal story, aren’t you interested in the facts, like how much it cost us? Disregard who is friends with whom. The case didn’t go the full court route, and why was that? “Pay the complainant off!” and the residents have to be kept uninformed about this, too?
    Mr. Zouhair has every right to say what was on the papers he received from FOIA, and we should appreciate his efforts to follow the law to get them, to get the facts. It is our right to know where the money is going and why. I want to know precisely what else is in those papers. It is just one more straw that has been laid on the already stressed people. How many residents are aware of the lawsuits that our city has had to take responsibility for?
    The people are speaking up. We need an avenue to speak or write. We have questions, we need answers. Appreciate the avenue that Kathy has provided for us. Use it yourself to speak or ask what you want to. Just because you may not be interested in a posted subject does not give you the right to stifle it or anyone’s posts or questions. This blog is open for discussion concerning the city in which we live. Use it to our benefit. Knowledge is power; soak it up.


  6. CuriousHeights

    You are so right and I did not bring this Drama to the city… This has been brought upon us I am not only worried about jobs, and public safety, but I am worried about how are money is spent and why. Who is doing the work in city hall and are they competent how are the programs in the city being run? If they are not being run the right way why is no one doing anything about it. I think what was done to the clerk is disgraceful I do not recall that happening to any elected official who left the city. Bob Brown left the council twice and not a word was uttered. All issue in the city need to be discussed even the ones we do not want to hear about they do affect us in the end. Just because no one talks about it does not mean that it is not happening. I am sorry I went off in my reply and it was to long but come on a disclaimer as to who my friends are if I write about them. Would you like me to list my friends CuriousHeights?
    I will try my best to share the issues that you want to read about I try my best to bring everything I hear or read. The water issue being the newest one.

    Thank you so much you and your neighbors support.


  7. After reading Kathy’s response below [the post ran out of reply space there], I am even more convinced this is one big drama worthy of soap opera status that we don’t need in our city.

    Let’s focus on those things that matter, ie JOBS, ECONOMY, PUBLIC SAFETY and other important issues to us all. Not some insignificant former employee. At least me and my neighbors are sick of hearing about this issue and the personal attacks against our mayor and the city hall workers. [The hassle against our city clerk being the latest.] All our public officials and citizens need to work together. Hopefully this will be the end of what we hear about this nonsense.

    I really appreciate the discussions about properties being cared for, as well as the need for “real” businesses to come into our city. Please share more of those issues with is. It seems that too many people get away with not following the rules in our city and that is sad and hurts us all as a city.


  8. Anonymous

    Just one thing could you please put yourself as Anonymous 1 I have so many people that are afraid to use there real name here because of repercussions from The mayor I am having a hard time knowing what anonymous I am replying to. I have never ever hid the fact that we are friends with H. Jamal nor have I hid the fact that we were friends with the Mayor and had him in our home many times. I never hid the fact that my husband met with the mayor to try and resolve the Hassan Jamal issue. I have never hid that we tried so hard to find a solution that would not have cost the taxpayers so much.

    Anonymous would you like me to say every time that I write about the mayor that he was a close friend to us. Would you like me to let all of you know just how many people we are friends with. Would you like me to put the list up here. Just how far would you like me to go. Just let me know, we are friends with many politicians many of them have been in our home. We are close with some more than others. We have gone to the wedding of some of their children, we have gone to dinner with them. I would like to know why it is so important to you for me to put that we are friends with H. Jamal. Yet you do not care that we were good friends with the mayor. You make no mention of that fact, you do not ask me to put a disclaimer about that. Let me know Anonymous how far should I go here. I am up-front with and very honest with all my readers I am not a journalist I am a taxpayer of Dearborn Heights. If it is important to my readers to know who I am friends with please reply here if enough of you want to know I will put up a list no problem.


  9. Kathy,

    In the spirit of journalistic integrity, I think it would be prudent that on every story you post about the H. Jamal vs. D. Paletko case, you include a note/disclaimer that you and your husband, Mr. Zouhair, are and have been long-time personal friends of Mr. Jamal. (I saw you mentioned that fact once or maybe twice in your occasional comments on here, but if someone didn’t catch that they wouldn’t be aware.) I believe that would be according to proper ethical procedures in journalism.

    I’m sure you would agree that you would want to be up-front and honest with all your readers.


  10. He was not talking about anything that is not public and up here on this site you can read it for yourself. What circus antics are you referring to it was respectful and to the point. If you are concerned about this city you should be concerned about what is spent and why. There was not a dam thing personal about what was said at the last ccm there was nothing about friends vs. enemies. Just facts about a case that was settled and how much it cost the taxpayers.


  11. Yeah….easy to talk about something when you know the other party is legally prevented from responding.

    I hope the circus antics will stop now and we can focus on the facts of helping our community and not the personal BS of friends vs. enemies.


  12. Ok. I think I get it…why the mayor is having the fundraiser. He must be raising funds to pay back the city and insurances the quarter of a million big buckos that he lost on H.Jamal’s lawsuit.
    And Mr. Zouhair, when you got up and spoke your piece on the info you got from FOIA concerning that case, I got chills and woo-hoo’d all over the place. I know the mayor is wondering how you keep coming up with the truth as you do. I wish I could have seen his face. But moreover, the well-informed citizens thank you. Woo-hoo!


  13. Big Dog

    Thanks for coming to the blog I do not think that the city has gotten to the point of of Detroit. I hope that we never reach that point.




  15. Thats a great idea. I bet he is going to donate it to the city to make up the money shortages he is responsible for. Detroit is a good lesson. open your eyes everyone.


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