Why Not Us…

Was sent a link to the Westland City Council Meeting. Their council meetings are up on their website one thing I noticed is they have advertizing on the council meeting to pay for it. Take a look for yourself


2 thoughts on “Why Not Us…”

  1. Jen

    Thanks for the heads up I will take a look at it. I would like the documents on the city web site before the council meeting this way everyone could look at them ahead of time. If they have any question they could call or email their council members about them. We should have accesses to everything the residents should know just what their money is spent on and why.


  2. Take a look at the City of Taylor’s website. Their videos are up of every meeting pretty soon after! Their meetings aren’t always pretty, but it’s all there, and just about every document given to council seems to be up on their website the next day. Wouldn’t it be great if all cities did that?


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