DCC Grant to Help

By Peter Jurich

SOUTHGATE — The Downriver Community Conference has received a grant that will help lower-income families pay their heating and energy bills this winter.

The $1,054,600 grant was awarded by the Michigan Public Service Commission.

The DCC will accept applications until funds have been completely distributed.

“This grant, the largest the DCC has ever received for this program, comes at a great time in terms of the needs of our area residents,” DCC Executive Director James Perry said.

Residents interested in financial assistance through the grant should call the DCC to set up an appointment after Jan. 4 when the grant will be put into effect.

During the appointment, residents will need to provide a valid driver’s license or state ID, current gas and electric bills, and two proofs of household income.

During the appointment, residents can expect to meet with a DCC counselor who will look over the documents and determine how much assistance the DCC can provide.

Perry said that is not all they do.

“Not only do we go out there and help pay the bills, but we do a weatherization call as well,” he said.

If residents need help winterizing their homes this season, the DCC can help with that. Continued…

Source: Downriver Sunday Times.

The city is part of the Downriver Community Conference I hope this will help some people here in our city.

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