City Does not follow the same rules as you and me…

City does not follow the same rules as you and me maybe they have a different ordinance for the city.

This morning went to city hall took Fenton and drove right past the NSP house on Fenton. Snow is all over the place. The side walk did not have the snow removed from it.   As residents we would get a ticket within 24 hours after a snow storm if the snow is not removed. Well I guess the rules do not apply to the city. The  city owns this house the city bought and paid for it through NSP grant money. So why does the city not have to clear the snow from the sidewalk. Next time the city wants to send the ordinance officers out to give tickets for not removing snow start with the house on Fenton. Great example to set nice job guys if you want the residents to follow the rules and we dam well should. Then set the example make sure all the property owned by the city is clear of snow.


2 thoughts on “City Does not follow the same rules as you and me…”

  1. Tickets? What tickets? The city talks about “laws” but never enforces them….except for stop signs, of course. For example, in a Snow Emergency all cars must be removed from the street or be ticketed and towed, but this last time around how many tickets were written? I drove through my neighborhood those days and saw many, many cars on the street. I doubt there was 1 ticket written. Also, I have never seen that closed muffler shop on the corner of Ford and Beech Daly with its sidewalks shoveled. Our kids have to walk to through that snow every day…and still the city does nothing. Ho hum.


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