Renting a Home in Dearborn Heights Is it Registered as a Rental Property…

Do you rent in Dearborn Heights does the house your renting have a certificate of occupancy is it registered with the city as a rental property? Before you rent these are all things you should find out, you can call the city and ask for the information.

What you see above  was placed on the door of a property being rented by someone in Dearborn Heights. In January, I was told a story about a man living in a house for the past five (5) years paying 950.00 a month in rent. The photo that you see here was taken when I went to this house to see what he was living in. The owner of the house had given this man notice of eviction. He is not in good health he did have a place to go, but was waiting for some charitable organization to come and pick up some things he wanted to donate. He wanted to donate  washer and dryer, baby items such as toys and furniture. I was shocked that this house would pass any type of code in this city for rental property. Well as, you can see from the “Reminder” the owner of this house, does not have a certificate of occupancy. House has not been inspected since 1998 and is not registered as rental property in Dearborn Heights.

You could see the ceiling of the kitchen by the fan had so much water damage from the roof leaking the water was running in the middle of the living room when there was  heavy rain. The man had a video of that happening. The owner of the home had come and patched the roof several times, but it never was fixed. In the basement in the laundry room there was a very large crack in the cinder block wall. Pipes that leak, electrical outlets that are coming out of the wall black mold in bathroom loose floor tiles. The house was so cold because he can not turn the heat above 60 degrees. If he dose the furnace will not shut off. I could feel the draft from every window and every door in the place. The owner  made it clear to this man that her father knew everyone in the city and that he could not do anything to her. It is true that  her father does sit on a board in the city. He owns several other properties in the city and is a business owner. She was so sure when talking to this man that nothing would be done to her because of the connection that her father has in the city.  The man moved out of the house on February 1 as of that date the city had not done an inspection. As you can see from the “Reminder”, she had 10 days to make an appointment.

There is never a time in this city when you should be able to get away with renting a home and not having it registered   rental property.  Now with the city in need of every penny wondering how many other properties are like this?  How could someone rent a property out for five years and no one was the wiser in the city? By this person not registering their property with the city they cheated the city out of property taxes for a rental property, and the state and federal government by not reporting it as income. This man had no idea that he was renting a property that was not registered with the city as a rental property.  He knew nothing until the owner of the house  sent him an eviction notice. He called to get some help to stay until after his operation, and he would move out of the house he was just asking for some time. The owner of the house was giving him 30 days, so he made some calls for help.  They made calls find about the house and find out who owned it.

You are suppose to take pride in your property you should never treat anyone that way. More than that there are laws to follow what about the law. I am very curious to see if the city is going to follow up with this house. Is the city going to do the inspection are they going to watch and see if it is rented out to someone else? Are they going to pursue the 5 years of rent collected? If the city is down to one ordinance officer,  how are they are going to keep up on all of this. At this point, I think the building department would be the one to oversee this issue now. If, the owner of the house does not want to bring it up to code then no one can live in it.

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5 thoughts on “Renting a Home in Dearborn Heights Is it Registered as a Rental Property…”

  1. The home owner has to follow the law. The Building Department would not have any Idea that a house is rented out unless the person renting it asked if it is registered with the city as a rental. If a home owner wants to break the law and rent it out with out a C of O until they are reported they will get away with it.


  2. Who’s responsibility is to to follow through on these things? Ordinance? Building Department? Who? Do they even know?


  3. I thought for sure with this last storm some tickets would be given out to cars parked on the roads. Not on my block and sure enough the snow was not plowed properly because of the cars left parked on the street. I just do not understand how the grass on empty homes gets cut in the summer, but the snow from these same homes is not removed from the sidewalks in-front of them. Why not? do they get tickets for this you have 24 hours to remove the snow days have gone by and several empty homes have not removed the snow on the sidewalk in-front or the sides of the property. Follow Through is an issue in the city on many different levels have said it many times and heard it many times.


  4. Dearborn Heights has enough ordinances in place to cover more than what is necessary in our community, but the problem is not following through. I know for a fact calls can be made, messages left or conversations held with city employees and nothing is done. I have seen it over and over again, and I just can’t believe that “some” residents can continually get away with the same crap. The ordinances are in place. The people are complaining. Someone is not doing their job. Maybe they are turning a blind eye to it, or maybe they don’t know about the complaints, but the laws are being broken. Some people can keep on avoiding the pitfalls, avoiding the tickets or the fines, avoiding following the rules. City Council is constantly making new ordinances or adjusting the ones in place. How about FOLLOW THROUGH? They worried about lowering the inches from 8 to 6 when it comes to grass length. I have seen occasions where someone gets a ticket about their grass, the grass is not over the limit, but there is a weed growing with vengeance somewhere on the property. Snow emergencies, notifications on tv, on the internet, certain people don’t think the notice is for them and the result is the street is not fully plowed, and no one cares, except of course, the complainer.
    I can’t wait to hear how many people got notices about cleaning their property of snow. How about some of the businesses on Beech Daly? The school kids get to push themselves home on the snow, but the business owners don’t have to follow the rules. Oh, and what about the Justice Center? They clean their property very well, but the sidewalk surrounding the property isn’t included?
    The ordinances are in place, the people are complaining, certain people don’t have to follow the rules. That sounds like a problem with the administration of Dearborn Heights.


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