Man Taken Out Of Mayors Office In HandCuffs Today…

Today a man was arrested in the Mayors office I guess “open door” is not what it use to be.  The assistant to the mayor apparently had enough and called the police today when a man would not leave the mayors office. The man lives a few house down the block from me. The Mayors office that is paid for by this man and every other tax payer of the city. City Hall building and every chair, desk, paper, and pen are paid for by the taxpayer. This building and the people that work in it are paid by the taxpayer this is not the assistant to the mayors personal home her personal property it belongs to the people. So if this man decides he would like to wait for the Mayor to come in that is his right.

Well the assistant to the mayor did not like that so the police were called. Two police cars and three (3) officers came put handcuffs on him and took him away. He was charged with disorderly conduct finger prints and photo taken. He had to change out of his clothes and put on jail issued clothes put in a cell. He paid a 100.00 bond and was later let go.   The man had a grievance about  his  street not getting plowed yet. The Mayor brags about his open door policy in the Mayors office. Open door to get arrested maybe. I guess you do not get to go into the Mayors office with a complaint these days. Not unless you want to get taken out in handcuffs that is. Let us say that the Assistant Mayor asked him to leave, or perhaps told him there is nothing that can be done. Maybe he did refuse to leave so what? Let him sit there all day if he wants to. No reason to call police he can sit and wait until city hall closes. If he still refuses to leave then call the police.

What the hell is going on in this city there is no reason to take someone out in handcuffs. For what wanting to talk with the Mayor the Mayor was not in the city even though he required all employees to come into work today. If they did not come in they could take a sick, personal, or vacation day. I would have offered him something to drink and if he wants to sit and wait let him. Go about your work and let the Mayor speak with him when he gets in.

Most of us who live in the city understand it takes a day to get all the roads cleared off. The longest I have ever waited for my block to be cleared was 3 days. They do an excellent job in this city when it comes to snow removal. In all the years I have lived here never heard one person complain about the removal of snow a storm this size with the amount that was dumped on us today, or tomorrow at the latest for all roads to be plowed. We only have so many plows and so many people to do the plowing. It is just so sad to hear that a resident who has a grievance walks into the mayors office and is taken out in handcuffs. This man had a complaint about flooding in his home last year and voiced his grievance at the city council meeting.

Everyone please remember this is a public building the Mayors office is a public office please do not forget that you have every right to wait for the Mayor that you elected in his office. Everyone over at city hall should not forget who pays their salaries. If this is the kind of people you leave in charge of your office Mr. Mayor you have done this city a disservice. Imagine going to talk with the Mayor and getting arrested for it. When ever someone gets drunk with power it is a dangerous thing. This is not a laughing matter this is very disturbing and this is setting a precedent for what is to come. Council meetings is that going to be next they do not like what you are saying so just call the police and have that person taken out and arrested.


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13 thoughts on “Man Taken Out Of Mayors Office In HandCuffs Today…”

  1. ah yes the days of Lou Kramer are coming back and how much did it cost the city for that lawsuit and causing his death


  2. I did talk to people at city hall they said they did not hear any yelling swearing or anything like that. They saw the man sitting in a chair reading a news paper when the police came in. Saw him taken out of the chair turned around and hand cuffs put on him. Your opinion is always welcome here you are right about one thing fresh blood is needed.


  3. Kathy,
    You mentioned that the guy who was arrested had gone to the council meetings in the past to complain about flooding. Is this the same guy who was there telling everyone he was some kind of engineer and accused all the city’s engineers that they know nothing and how everyone needed to listen to him because only he knows what to do? Is this the same guy?


  4. You talked to the man that was arrested;;;;;you and I both know that there are two sides to every story and the party that was arrested is always incident, I didn’t do it or it wasn’t me. I wish you would have got a copy of the police report or talked to someone that was at City Hall to get all sides. My opinion is that this is the best mayor the city has had since I have been here since 1990. If and when this Mayor leaves office we need fresh blood which means no current council people.


  5. I did not give just my opinion I talked with the man he lives just a few doors down from me as I said here. You are giving your opinion about the Mayor and you are more than welcome to put it up here. I never called you an idiot no need for that someone here did and I did say in a comment that there was no need to say those things. I would just like you to find out all of the facts about our financial state before you go out cheering for the Mayor. Call City Council Member Badalow or the Treasure to get the real numbers. We are not doing that good, but find out for yourself do not take my word for it.

    The police will arrest anyone for the assistant Mayor do not kid yourself she is best friends with them. Fact the man was sitting in a chair reading a paper when the police got there. Fact he had been to his sister house on the other side of town in the morning and found all the roads plowed. Fact he went to the Mayors office in the afternoon to ask why his part of town was not plowed yet. Fact Mayor was not in his office. Fact he did pass words with the assistant to the Mayor. Fact he told her he did not want to get into it with her and would wait for the Mayor. Fact he did not disobey any law by wanting to wait for the Mayor in a public building. Fact he can wait there all dam day if he wants to. Fact Mayor say’s he has an open door policy. Fact You get what you give if you deal with people. If I get anymore Facts I will let you know. The fact is we do not have to be subject to this type of intimidation by anyone in a position of power.

    I do not bad mouth the Mayors office their actions do that for them.


  6. I come on this site because it is very entertaining (better then a good comedy on TV). When I started reading the gossip on this site I was not a huge fan of the Mayors office, but I started to pay more attention and discovered what a great job financially he is doing for the city compared to surrounding cities. I know I will be called an idiot again because I am not in the click and agree with your readers. The police are not going to arrest a person for sitting in a public building. Before you post and bad mouth the Mayor’s office please provide us with all the details not just opinion. This man was not happy with the services and response time of the Dpw or Mayors office, but I guess he has no complaints with the police departments response time and seeing his tax dollars in action!. Just because your a tax payer in a public building does not mean you can disobey the law.
    My question about the real issue and our tax dollars…..why does the fire department have so many in command positions and so few firefighters? Why are we paying to have police officers deliver council members meeting packages to that council members home?


  7. Wondering

    That is a very good idea, but who is to say that we would get any less yelling and finger pointing if a letter was read. I think anyone who has a concern and does not want to suffer the punishment of going before the council. Should be able to write to all the council members and let them discuss it. Let the council ask the Mayor the question. There is one thing I would just like to say if a question was asked through a letter what is to stop the mayor from just saying “this person can come to my office” That is what happens all the time get them to my office off the microphone out of public eye. He will not answer with clear information it will be “come to my office” and that will be the end of it. I am surprised to hear that he told everyone in his administration not to come to this blog is that what you are saying. Are you sure how can he dictate to people what they do with their time after working hours. Last time I looked we do live in the United States Of America ah hello we are free right. Or did something change that I am not aware of did the Federal Government pass some new law making it all right to forbid people to surf a site, and God forbid have an opinion.
    There are certain council members that should be very happy that there is not two cameras in that chamber. Can not tell you how many times sitting there that you can see when someone is getting up to talk council members rolling their eyes. I am not saying that the council or the Mayor should be a punching bag for anyone. They should be treated with respect when you come before them. I have seen with my own eyes some of the antics of certain council members before one word is uttered. Trust me after seeing this does not encourage you to bring anything before them add to that the way the mayor acts or the way that some of the department heads talk down to people. So your idea for some might be a very good idea might stop some of this.


  8. In My Opinion

    Been awhile no indication the man was not civil and that works both ways would you not say get back what you give out.


  9. Kim

    I was shocked never thought in a million years that someone would be arrested from what this man said he and the assistant mayor did exchange words and it was done in raised voice. He did state to her I do not want to shout with you I will wait for the mayor. So let him wait he sat in a chair and was reading a paper when the police got there. This man is a PHD and very polite he is not some rabblerouser just not what I expected out of the Mayors office.


  10. I doubt he was cuffed because he was just complaining. There is usually a good reason the police are called. Be civil and get treated civil. Very simple.


  11. That is totally unexceptable behavior on the part of the Mayor/and his office. Drunk with power is exactly the right term. We need to show up at council meetings and ask for answers to these questions. Drheights48127, how will I know who you are at the council meeting on the 8th? I really want to get involved and hope that more citizens begin to take charge of their city and how their tax money is being used.


  12. Well. I should be surprised, but again, I am not. This person in the mayor’s office can’t even deal with a disgruntled citizen and you have entrusted her to negotiate, arbitrate, and initiate? Pa-lease! She is showing her education at every turn. Zip.
    Why hasn’t someone in the mayor’s office had some training on how to speak with respect and concern when someone has a complaint? Oh, that’s right. I forgot. The mayor’s administration and dept heads have no reason to act correctly. Bad behavior is rewarded. For those who remember Mayors Canfield (both father and daughter), and Mayor Van Houton, you know this type of behavior would not have been tolerated.
    When is something going to be done to relieve us of this administration? Not that long ago we did have one of our mayor’s relieved of his position. From what I remember he nor his administration were not guilty of as much as this administration has been. Then add to it these attitude and ego problems and disrespect for the citizen, I just can’t stomach it all.
    Mayor, I know you have to be reading this blog. I also know you have instructed your entourage not to respond or acknowledge this blog. I would like to call you out to explain your positions, to answer the questions of the citizens, to hear our concerns. How could you allow your citizens to speak about you in this way without coming out to clarify your opinions and decisions.
    May I offer a suggestion: Designate one person (or more) to receive open letters from the citizens, let this person choose intelligent wording for the complaint or opinion, and offer up publicly at the city council meeting to receive your response? The complainant would not have the chance to irritate, the spokesman would prepare the statement or question in an effort to clear the air and get decent responses from the mayor and his administration. I don’t want to hear a bunch of garbled ranting, I want to hear the response. No one getting red-faced, pointing fingers, raising voices, denigrating either side, just clear information.


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