Take Me Home Program…

Do we have a program like this here in the city?

Take Me Home Program. The goal is to help people who have developmental or cognitive disabilities such as autism, down syndrome or Alzheimer’s.

The department creates a database of the person’s disability, picture and emergency contact information.

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If you know of anything like this here in the city please put up a comment here. Maybe someone from the Disabilities Commission has an idea if the city is looking out for person’s with Autism, Down Syndrome or Alzheimer’s.


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2 thoughts on “Take Me Home Program…”

  1. I know the City has a 911 form for people who are disabled and it is in the Dearborn Heights Today booklet that goes to every home in Dearborn Heights twice a year (Spring and Fall). You can fill it out and send it in. You will be put in a data base with the police department. In case of an emergency they have your information.


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