Not Until The Council Votes On The Budget…

All this talk about the elimination of jobs got me thinking and asking some questions.  Department Heads are having their budget meetings with the mayor. The budget is submitted to the council in April one department has already eliminated from what I can see from comments coming up here two (2) positions. Early outs are offered right now not sure who is taking them if anyone. One position being eliminated is for someone who has been with the city for 22 years this person is leaving. Leaving before the city council votes on the budget. One council person pointed out to me that we have not even voted on the budget yet. Who says we are going to agree with that elimination? Well looking at the history of this council it is understandable why this person would take an early out (if they did.)  I would not want to put my life in the hands of a yes or no vote from the council. This council voted with the exception of councilwoman Badalow for this budget now that still has not been amended. When this last budget was put before the council the mayor was short in police revenue he was to send out “warrant officers” door to door to collect over a million dollars. This was from out standing traffic tickets the mayor assured the council that he was going to get the money. Even with that the council passed the budget. The council was told at the time if you do not pass this budget will have to layoff 40 people.

That brings me to this if this budget is not going to contain salary cuts for department heads how can the council pass it? Three years ago department heads got salary increases even during these economic times. Three years ago the city was well aware of what was going on and that it was going to get worse. Even still the mayor gave salary increases to his department heads. Well roll them back that simple that easy. Can the council pass a budget that does not include getting rid of cell phone stipends can they pass a budget that does not include getting rid of department heads having cars.  Is the council going to pass a budget that does not include the mayor taking a cut in his salary. Would the council approve a budget that did not include turning the assistant to the mayor from full-time to part-time. What is the mayor really ready to do and what is the council really ready to vote on?



6 thoughts on “Not Until The Council Votes On The Budget…”

  1. The council is not going to do anything. I don’t know if you have noticed but, you will never get more than one no vote out of them. They do not stand together on any thing except passing stuff for the mayor. They have known most of the things that are happening now. They have study sesions where they work things out ahead of time. They are just as guilty as he is for not stopping him when they had the chance. They have the power and the opportunity to have their own attorney represent them. I blame the council as well as the Mayor.


  2. I guess the early retirement of the city employee will help the cost of the new recreation center that never materialized, but cost the city over 100,000 thousand dollars just to make the plan and then never came through. You could retire your assistant Mr. Mayor to pay for the loss of the NSP Program money and car rental fees ,cell phone , insurance etc. How many secretaries do you need Mr.Mayor? How many cars do we pay for them? Start cutting the fat at your office and your department heads and leave the people that work with the citizens where we need them.


  3. The fab 4 take a pay cut? please don’t make me laugh. Here is a sample of what we are paying. I just got my water bill and it doubled. I guess I got my raise from the City. Most of my friends are leaving Dearborn Heights. There isn’t anything here for young people compared to other Cities. They talk about other cities having a hard time but, other cities are already ahead of Dearborn Heights and they don’t push the cost of poor management of the administration off on the tax payers. Dirty Dan, you are going to break the backs of the tax payer to ballance your imaginary budget, MR. CPA Are you smarter than a 5th grader?


  4. Anxious

    I understand what you are saying I did not know that there was a time limit to get in paper work for early outs. I see how this is done now either take your chance with the council to vote no on it or take the early out. If you do not take the early out and the council votes yes on the budget then you are out of everything, I would be looking to protect my 22 years just like you are saying this person is doing. What a shame.


  5. In responce on this “not until the council votes on”———————-This person who has given 22 yrs in this city——— She was told her position will be terminated.Let’s say her position is still in the budget and she decides to take their word that she still has a position and stays then at the last minute they decide , yes we are eliminating the position, she is automatically screwed if I may use that term. The last day to turn in the paperwork for early retirement is Monday January 31st 2011. What this administration is doing is FORCING her into an early retirement to eliminate that position without having to actually write it out of the budget. See how this administration is so sneaky as I have always known.THEY CAN NOT BE TRUSTED. What a shame that this is how our city is being run Shamefully!!!!!!!! !! Our council has no say so to anything in this mater they made sure of this . Please correct me if I am wrong But I would to like to see honest people back into running our city and I would like to have our council members to do this for us


  6. Well it is done she will be leaving. I am sure she could have a lower position with less pay but she would not have that job for long either.So what does one do ? She was put in a very bad position .Please why don’t people realize that this mayor runs the city.


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