Wasn’t Me, Well it Wasn’t Me, Well just who was it?

The January 25 2010 city council meeting showed what happens when unqualified people are put in charge of something. If you have not watched the meeting you should because dear taxpayers you are going to be paying. Yes we are all of us are going to end up paying for overages on the NSP program this is only a small part of what came to light at this meeting. If you watched the last city council meeting of 2010 you might remember when Zouher Abdel-Hak spoke to the council and informed them that our Building Director should be inspecting each and every home on this program. That our Building Director is the inspector on the NSP grant. You might all so remember that at that same meeting the director said that he did not approve any change orders, and that there was four homes that he did not even look at.

At that same meeting the Program manager said that he (the building director) did look at the home in question. Even when the program manager kept  insisting that he did he said over and over again that he did not. Well at the January 25 2010 meeting the building director was mad as hell to say the least. What was he so mad about? contractors through McKenna submitting invoices for progress payments. Why? Well because the work done never was inspected by the building department. The work that they are asking for progress payments on had in some cases no permits pulled. A roof for example on a home no permit no inspection.  On more than one home there is no lead abatement testing done violating State and Federal laws. Electrical work done and the only way to inspect it would be to ripe down walls. Cement pored no permit pulled for it no inspection done. Plumbing work done complete no permit no inspection only way to inspect again ripe down walls. Walls put up without submitting a drawing of the wall with no indication as to the materials used.

They are asking for progress payments for completed work that our building department has no way to inspect. The building director said that the person doing inspections or working on the construction site has not been licensed with the state since 2003. He has not been called by one contractor (the companies doing the work.) or McKenna, or from the person who is responsible for the grant program. Nothing from the construction manager. So who is suppose to call let us say when they finish the electrical work. The contractor or the construction manager or did they call the program manager who never called the building director. The building director said “I will not take responsibility for this.”

How can we pay for something that has not been inspected by my department? Asked the building director. The building director had and issue with each and every one of the progress payments. All going back to no inspection being done on the work. So who is inspecting this mess? No one that is who there is work being done on all of these homes final work on heating, electric,plumbing, cement, and so much more with out one inspection. Has the work met city codes who knows. Then there is the issue of Lead Abatement anything above 6 sq feet must be tested. There is not one lead report on any of the demo work done in these homes.  Ned Apigian said this program is turning into a joke. Sorry Ned this program passed the Joke stage long ago and has entered the irresponsible stage.   The building director demanded that he is CC on every home from now on. The construction manager said that he nor their company inspects anything. They do not have the knowledge or licensing to inspect anything. Better still Sara from McKenna said they only administer the grant that is what we were hired to do. Even after all of that our building director said that the council should pay because they (the contractors) did the work.

No he did it, No she did it, No they did it. Where does that leave our NSP program manager the title says you are the manager of the whole program. Program Manager is ultimately responsible for the program. McKenna assists in the administration of the grant no more no less. So why is this program in the state that it is in? That would be because it has been mismanaged to the point of irresponsibility. Even with third party administer who are only as good as the information they are getting. As far as I can see this program is FOBAR. To make matters worse the city is over the 10% it is allowed to spend for administering this grant. The city is at the half way mark with half to go guess what any overages are paid by the city. So in the end something that should not cost the city a dime will end up costing taxpayers money. If less hours could be spent by McKenna administering the grant this would not be an issue. Sorry Mr. Mayor  your hollow “we are monitoring the administration cost very carefully” can I just say Bull Shit. After what has come out it is pretty apparent that not one thing has been monitored on this grant. If contractors can have final work done on projects in this city and that work is not even inspected sorry not real confidant in “we are monitoring it.”

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4 thoughts on “Wasn’t Me, Well it Wasn’t Me, Well just who was it?”

  1. Pretty sure that the current building directors credentials are that he was a heating & cooling inspector before he was given his position of building director-need more be said regarding that?


  2. FUBAR – F—– UP BEYOND ANY REASON THEY KNEW THIS WAS BEING DONE SO WHY DID SOMEONE NOT GO AND EXERCISE SOME common sense ON this. Because this city lack’s common sense we have lost our moral compass and now council woman Horvath is out of action for awhile so that just leaves Badalow and Baron forget MISS DOODLES Liz Agius. Watch her at city council meetings she sits there while others are listening and scribbles. Time for new faces on our council yes I said it NEW FACES.


  3. Kim

    We the people hold them accountable they first would have to admit to a mistake. That will never happen they never take responsibility for anything and when the council tries to do something to point out anything they are yelled at, or belittled hell look at what he did to the treasurer on camera for giving an honest financial report off camera. The mayor was not even at the study session it was a sick display there was no other reason to do what he did on camera except for the joy of humiliating the residents choice for city treasurer.


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