The Contractors Want Me Out…

The contractors want me out that is what the building director said at the January 25 2011. The program manager who is the assistant to the mayor should be making sure that the contractors go to him. The question is why would she not? There is a much bigger issue here the building director did not inspect the jobs done on these homes. He said it over and over again for each one of these home many different issues led abatement reports federal and state law non filed. If you remember a contractor by the name of Hassan Osieli told the council that he went to one of the homes. At this home they had a dumpster that was hauling away debris from demo being done at the home. He said then that there was no led abatement.  He was ignored and almost called a lair. So now the city has homes that have not met state and federal laws according to the building director.  Then you have the issue of how can the building director do finial inspection on the home pass them and give them a certificate of occupancy if he didn’t do ruff inspections. That is what he said at that the council meeting that he does not know how he is going to do finial inspection on these homes. If he does do and pass these homes for final and gives them a COO will he be braking the law?

How could they even go on the market under the NSP if they do not have led reports they can not come back now with led reports the debris has been hauled away and it was not tested. The building director said it best I will not be responsible for this he stated to the council very clearly that he does not know how he can do it. Yet they voted in favor to go ahead and pay these contractors the money. For work that right now the city does not know if it passed city ordinances and has not met the state or federal laws for led abatement. Laws and rules must be followed people we can not just go ahead and do what ever we want to.

When this came to the council on December 14  as change orders the council turned them down. Then the building director told them then that he did not inspect the properties. These same homes are brought again for the same work with new wording “progress reports.” At that time the work had not been inspected so why go ahead and pay now.  The building director said that he had nothing to do with specs put together for each of these homes.


2 thoughts on “The Contractors Want Me Out…”

  1. The building Dept head stood up there and did a rendition of abbott and costellos WHO IS ON FIRST. I almost fell out of my chair laughing.If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. He keeps trying to blame Sarah, but he is going to need a pretty big shovel to dig his way out of this one. They think we are stupid ,but I will remember when it is time to vote and I will remind evertone also.


  2. All the council is concerned about is getting their money. There is more at stake than money. As soon as things quite down everyone will forget about it and it will be business as usual. That seems how the city works. No one follows through on much of anything. They ware out so they shrug their shoulders and say oh, well. Some one is not paying attention. The Mayor ought to stay out of the financial part since he has to have a lawyer attached to his hip for every move he makes and leave the money matters to John Riley. Thats why we voted him in office. Please ,City council, quit rattling those papers. Read your package before the meeting. Thank you.


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