Ask questions you will get answers they might not be what you want to hear..

I asked some questions about the Medical Marijuana ordinance that the city council approved.  The long and short of it is this. The city will abide by the Federal law, but will apply the state law what does this say to you. What does that say to the care giver homes already in your neighborhood. It say’s this they are not going to close down any home that is being run legally under the state law. The city is not going to arrest anyone who has a medical marijuana card or has the right as a caregiver to grow it. The city did not drop the ball on this the state did. The state did not take charge of the law it is poorly written and more importantly the state legislators copped out. So that brings me to this point is this a don’t ask don’t tell type of thing? Is this a turn a blind eye type of thing? Might be just that if the city council is going to allow this to happen in the city. Why not take it out of the residential areas and put it in the areas of the city that are zoned business. Tax it make this take place in the open. Why not do that well because the state law says they can grow it in the home then why even waste time on doing an ordinance in the first place? Guess I am just not understanding this whole thing.

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4 thoughts on “Ask questions you will get answers they might not be what you want to hear..”

  1. Thanks for the info. i know me and my family are getting out ot dbh as soon as we can. Tired of this house across street running our block. This not right when they will not follow even the basic laws that the rest of us must follow. Tired of the harassment going on and the police due nothing. Tired of seeing litttle kids going into this house, yet no c.o.o. just a LLC comp. They are not doing this right. Now their “trained Rots run across the street. They do not allow our wishes to not talk to them. They continue to go out of they way to do what they can to try to get us in a argument. When we say nothing to them they go out of their way to say what ever they want to you. Just like today at the corner of Annapolis and Gully, the 4 way stop sign, was looking at the car on my left to see if he was going to stop. another truck had stopped across from me going N bound, i continued on across the 4way. the truck started beeping his horn hanging out of his window,yelling Hi,Hi waving his horn. this may not seem like harassment to some but this goes on all the time. This is not them being friendly, we do not talk to them due to all the threts we have gotton this is a slap in the face by them. our house has been threten, our lives,and our dog. we cannot even walk our dog due to the city not doing anything about the Rots running loose. called the police and animal control still nothing, tired of them letting them run loose when they want too. they are not reg. at this Marajana House most likely because the have shifts. Just tired!!!, sat on the floor New Years Eve someone was shooting a hand gun off over there. they were stupid to leave the light on behind them could see them standing there, hand up and the seeing the flash of the gun going off. This is not even following Mich law. just abunch that are using the law to hide behind their no good. Tired of all the trash. What about the children that have to see this in our neighborhood. Oh i know, they are going to be the new generation of dbh . FOR ALL THAT THINK THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN TO YOU, SORRY BUT ITS JUST A MATTER OF TIME. DRUGS-GUNS- ROTS AND BITBULLS IN MY OPINON ARE NOT MEDICAL PEOPLE THAT HELP THE SICK, JUST USE THE LAW TO HIDE THEIR ACTIVITY. THIS IS A SAD DAY FOR DBH. MONEY THAT IS NOT KNOWN DRUGS A HIGHSCHOOL GRAD MAKING MORE MONEY THEN I DO SAVING LIVES EVERY DAY. TIRED OF THIS CITY AND THE SYSTEM.


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