Keep it in mind…

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” – Albert Einstein


6 thoughts on “Keep it in mind…”

  1. Oh no who is being let go? He is now getting rid of people what about having pay cuts. Wayne county issued 20% cuts just before Christmas. Why hasn’t the Mayor stepped forward and volunteered to take a pay cut set the example start with your department. Get rid of all the cars for department heads or the cell phone stipends before you get rid of people and ruin their lives. At least make the attempt do show you are trying to do every thing in your power not to do such a thing. When did this happen? are you sure?


  2. Every time I go and see what some of them are doing it makes me sick. You are right if you do not want to be there step aside and let someone who would like to be there. The individuals who partake in the eye rolling are lucky that it is not caught on camera the eye rolling that goes on when some of the residents get up to talk what is next the council will leave when they do not want to hear from a resident. If the residents are such a bother to not come to the council meetings anymore. Oh hell what do we expect if the head of the city shows so little respect for his residents.


  3. Yes they have a few council members who realy dont want to be there playing with what ever is in front of them and do role their eyes and make remarks to each other,if that is how they feel step down and maybe should turn the mike off that is so rude they wre elected by us to do a job but if they are so bored with this leave and let someone else do this job that cares about our city.


  4. So now they are getting rid of one of the best person in the building dept., who is going to be next ? Maybe now is the time to take the car away from Krysi and some others who have these perks. If this keeps up no one be left except the one one who is control of this city and his entourage.This Mayor needs to step down or this city is doomed.What say you !!!!!!!!!


  5. I have always put my butt on the line for what i feel is right. My biggest disappointment has been with this city. If you aren’t in the “clique” then you lose before you even start. I will continue to battle the problems, but I don’t see anything changing. I haven’t given up hope, but it is hard to stand against the clique. If you don’t believe what I say, watch the city council meetings. Watch how comments against the administration are dismissed. Watch how the department heads get so cocky. A simple problem of removing a tree made a dept head make ignorant remarks. Any one questioning the mayor is automatically dismissed. The people are sick of being treated like brainless bumps so they are giving up on complaining, suggestng, questioning, or trying to discuss items they feel are important. Look back on the questions posed by the citizens at the council meetings. See what has resulted from them. Sometimes I push the envelope just to test the waters, to see if there have been any changes, but so far, there haven’t been.
    Where to start? Start with the council members. When a citizen stands to speak their three minutes, pay attention, stop whispering and eye rolling, stop flipping papers, pay attention, make the citiizen feel important. We are all part of the larger picture, no one wants to be patronized.


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